Simple Performance Enhancements To Add Value To Your BMW Car

Modifying a BMW car is a concept that is often frowned upon by many but when done properly, it can not only increase the performance of the car but can also allow it to increase its resale value as well as appeal factor.

With that stated, here are some of the easiest ways you can increase the performance parameters of your BMW all the while increasing its resale value as well –

Increase the performance of your BMW with an aftermarket air intake

Increasing the value of your BMW is only possible when you make modifications under the hood and process, according to a veteran BMW-certified mechanic that offers BMW servicing Perth services, can begin by adding an aftermarket air intake.

An aftermarket air intake will increase the acceleration of your BMW as it will also increase the torque as well as horsepower of your car.

Improve the fuel efficiency of your BMW with an ECU remap

Your BMW car although is a high-performance, safe, reliable and technology packed machine, it has certain tricks under its good that allows it to consume less fuel every kilometre.

But what if you can make your BMW car more fuel-efficient?

Is this possible?

Sure, all you would need to do is take your car to a BMW-certified mechanic that offers BMW car service and get its ECU remapped. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can precisely control the fuel consumption of your car thus making it more efficient and pocket-friendly to own.

Replacing the stock turbo for a high-performance one

Almost all BMW cars these days come with a turbo from the OEM and if you own a BMW that was manufactured in the last decade, chances are high that it has a turbo in its engine bay. With that stated, you can always replace the stock turbo with a high-performance turbo.

This will improve the engine performance of your BMW but be sure to let a professional, BMW certified mechanic install the aftermarket part in your car. It is the only way to ensure that the car has the perfect balance of turbo boost and fuel, at all times.

Lower the ride height of your car to improve handling

Lowering the suspension of your beloved BMW will not only make the car look meaner, but it will also allow you to improve the handling of your car by many folds.

How is that possible?

Well, lowering the ride height of your BMW means less air will be passing from beneath the car at high speeds. This means more air will be passing from above the car thus creating down force that will ultimately push the car towards the ground leading to –

  • More traction
  • More control on turns
  • Decreased stopping time
  • Reduced chances of oversteer/understeer 

Now, who wouldn’t want to drive a car that handles like a dream, right?

Whatever performance modifications you choose for your BMW car, you would need to ensure that it is being worked on by professional mechanics that are certified by BMW. Furthermore, you would also need to ensure that the mechanic has been working on BMW cars for at least a decade. These are the only ways you can rest assured that the modifications done to your car will hold and will not push it towards premature depreciation.

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