What Are The Advantages Of Choosing An Authorized Car Dealer?

Buying a car is a significant investment for the majority of the population, which is why you should take your time and do proper research. However, if you have been in the market looking to buy a new car for a while, you know there are essentially two ways you can do that. You can either opt for a used car from a private seller or choose a dealer to get a new, used or certified pre-owned car. The only upper hand, a private seller, might have on a dealer is a more laid-back and casual atmosphere. Nevertheless, a dealer has several advantages over private sellers. This article further focuses on the benefits of buying a car from a certified dealer. 

  • Extra options: This is one of the most obvious advantages of choosing a dealer over a private seller. While a private seller will only have the stock car, you can get several accessory options from a dealer. The accessories list does not only end at a new sound system or separately bought alloy wheels, with a dealer, you can add some extra features to your liking as well. This option is not available when buying a car from a private seller. In addition to the physical aspects of a car, you can also avail an extended warranty from a dealer. A dealer, for example, Riverside Hyundai dealer, will be more fond of providing you with such benefits to earn customer loyalty, which a private seller won’t.  

  • Reputation: This advantage is almost always overlooked when it comes to choosing between the dealer or private sellers. Since it is their livelihood, dealers are very uptight about their reputation in the market, whereas private sellers could care less. Likewise, to maintain their reputation in the market, a dealer will always offer you the best customer service. Such a service can help you if you have any issues with the car soon after it has been bought. Conversely, a private seller is more likely to step away from the deal once the vehicle gets sold. With a private seller, you cannot expect any help with mechanical issues in the near future of the car.

  • Financing benefits: This is probably one of the biggest advantages of buying a car from an authorized dealer. The chances are that a dealership like Riverside Hyundai will offer you their financing options, which significantly helps the process of buying a car. However, with a private seller, you will have to do all the research on your own and find the best financing option to pay with. Another important consideration is that many banks or money lending companies do not finance a vehicle if they are being bought from a private seller. This is because most lending companies do not trust the car values set by a private seller. As a result, loaning money to buy a car from the dealership can be easier and come at a lower interest rate as well.

These are some of the advantages you can experience if you buy a car from a dealership. Although a dealership is more professional, such added benefits make it a worthwhile option.

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