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How To Groom Facial Hair To Suit Your Gent’s Outfit

You’ve just bought the latest range in stylish cashmere ties, you’ve selected the right kind of shoes and you’ve spent a fair amount on your haircut, but how do you wear your beard to compliment your outfit? This can be a tough one, so the following points should provide you with some insight.

Evidently, the first piece of advice would be to not to let your beard grow without maintaining it. While you do need to allow for some time to grow in the very early stages, letting your facial hair do as it wishes will only say to people that you lack motivation, which no amount of chic cashmere ties will remedy.

Soulful Style

Those who are opting for a more casual outfit, this can include a pair of slim fitting jeans and a crisp tailored shirt, or even an addition from your collection of stylish cashmere ties. You may also want to opt for the ‘soul patch’ a small patch of hair between the lip and chin area. This style of facial hair will still give you a clean look while being bold enough to make a statement.

Top Lip Bravado

If you’re ditching your collection of stylish cashmere ties for a much more formal look, then there is the option of a full bodied moustache. This kind of facial hair compliments a tuxedo giving the man a suave and sophisticated look, with a little bit of mystery.

Goatee All the Way

If you’re looking for a more universal approach to growing facial hair, then there is the option of a “goatee.” This well-maintained style of facial hair first became popular in the 90s, and has gained traction ever since. Whether you are wearing stylish cashmere ties, designer shoes or simple jeans and T-shirt, the gate will provide a style for all occasions. There is the option of growing a goatee into a more bodied beard to give the look of maturity, but ensure you still maintain it.

Gentleman Stubble

Another universal look is the two to three day growth, this takes very little maintenance other than a going over with some clippers. Whether you are working in a factory in your overalls or hitting the town wearing a number from your collection of designer suits and trendy cashmere ties, the two to three day growth is another contender for the universal approach to facial hair. Ensure that the growth doesn’t go beyond day three, or it will just become a beard that looks unmaintained.

Break the rules the correct way

It’s also important that your experiment over time to see what you’re comfortable with, some beards can look out of place regardless of whether you’re wearing something from your plethora of elegant gentleman accessories. Just like when you’re selecting a tie to add to your fashionable cashmere ties, you need to ensure that the character of the facial hair suits your personality. If you’re trying to tell people you’re a no-nonsense, go getter, and then show off with a face full of unmaintained hair, then chances are the message will fall onto unhearing ears, as you facial hair will be getting attention for the wrong reasons.

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