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How to Keep Your Windows Shaded Without Blinds

Don’t like curtains? We completely get it. Or maybe you are not allowed to use curtains or blinds. Or maybe you cannot afford to maintain curtains at home.

Why use curtains when you have got a one time, cheaper and hassle-free solution i.e. Window Film. Window Films are adhesive PP or plastic material thin films that are meant to stick on your windows.

Benefits of Window Films are:

1)     Cheaper

2)     Easy to install

3)     One-time installation

4)     Privacy Protection

5)     Cooling properties

6)     Easy to maintain

There are many types available that can be used for different purposes. Let us look at all types of window films with their purposes.

1)     Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Films are similar to glass but they are a lot more translucent. More like a wavy glass! They provide good light isolation by reducing the glare of the sun on the glass pane. Apart from that they also provide good privacy as they do not offer any view inside the house.

2)     Stained Glass or design Window Film

A stained glass window is great for partial shading of the windows. Apart from that, it can also give a personal touch to your house. There are various designs you can choose from based on the colour of your house and the interior of your house.                                                 

3)     Insulating Films

The beauty of window films lies in its variations in the functionality. Insulating Window films offer not only light blocking, they also provide climate protection. Be it summers or winters your house would remain the optimum temperature.

4)     Anti-Glare Window Film

Anti-Glare or Glare Reduction window films can be used when at a certain time of the day the sunlight is too intense at a particular point of your house. It will not only reduce the light, but it will also reduce the heat that is produced because of the sunlight.

5)     Tinted Window Film

The tinted window films block the sunlight quite effectively as well. Not only are they cheaper than other films, but a good quality tinted film is also more durable than other window films because of its material. They block sunlight with the colour present in them.

6)     UV blocking Window Films

Many sunscreen companies advise its users to use sunscreen even in the house. That is because UVA and UVB rays can enter the house and can damage your skin and can cause other health issues. UV blocking films can block UV rays up to 99%.

Window films are easily available online and can be installed without any professional help. But for easy installation and better effectiveness follow the tips given below;

Tip No. 1) Know the size of your window

This goes without saying that you must know the size of your window, but what we mean here is know the exact size along with the dimensions of your window. Window films are available in rolls as well as cut size. If a cut size id is available, why buy a complete roll.

Tip no. 2) Choose the right film

Depending on the purpose you might require different films. For example, your living room gets too much sunlight in the morning so you will need an Anti-Glare for your living room. But your bedroom might not get as much sunlight and you also need complete privacy for the bedroom so you might consider buying a frosted one for your bedroom. So it is important you know which one to buy.

Tip no. 3) The Adhesives of the film

The film can be static based, cling or self-adhesive choose based on your preference. Also, most films are to be installed from the inside but some offer better functionality from the outside. It is important you know all of this before buying.

Tip no. 4) Avoid Installation mistakes

Some common mistakes while installation are,

1)     Not cleaning the window

2)     In case of self-adhesive window films, avoid getting fingerprints on the sticky side

3)     Not removing air bubbles

4)     Not covering properly

Tip no. 5) Buying too pricey window films

Window films are cheap alternatives to blinds and curtains. If you buy too costly window films or you reinstall the films repeatedly, it will only increase the overall cost unnecessarily.

So there you have a guide to keeping your windows shaded without blinds or curtains. We hope it was useful. In case you need to need to know anything else, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for a great description of window and window films. In order to maintain a level of shading within one’s abode without the use of traditional window blinds, one must employ alternative methods. For example, one can utilize an external awning or overhang to mitigate direct sunlight while allowing interior illumination. One may install solar reflective film on their windows, which reduces the amount of heat and light transmitted into the space while still permitting visibility outwards.

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