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How To Maintain Budget On Wedding Flowers?

When it comes to finding elements that can make your party awesome, there is no other option than flowers. Especially, when you are going to throw a wedding party. I don’t think, you would like to be one of those bride who use different materials for decorating wedding venue just to maintain the budget. After all, flowers are flowers! No one can find the exact charm & appeal as flowers.

We all know very well that beauties aren’t complimentary. Since, you have to pay more if you want rich features in your flower. Well, these features depend on different factors such as flower species, blooming season and flower demand. This way, maintaining the entire budget becomes frustrating for any bride.

Also, same day flowers delivery charges add up in the overall budget which may affect the rest other planning. So, here is a way for you to maintain wedding flower budget…

Are seasonal and locally-grown flowers affect the budget?

Of course, there is definitely a saving. However, locally-grown flowers and lovely blooms from the farmer’s market are less expensive and their fragrance is purest and amazing. Also, those flowers take less time for shipping as they are locally-grown and coming directly from the field. So, it is always beneficial to support your local farmer’s market. 

What are larger bloomed flowers that work well for a bouquet and can save money?

Mostly, brides first choice would be peonies as each stem of peonies are stunning on their own and you can carry one single bloom if you want. They always make a beautiful and romantic statement at a wedding. And, a pretty bouquet of chrysanthemum would make a lovely bouquet which can be inexpensive.

In short, it all depend on your style, sunflowers can also be your best mate while you choose them for your bouquet. The key is that you should wrap the stems with a beautiful ribbon to finish the look.

Is there any floral décor detail that a couple doesn’t need?

The pretty flower is the only key to wedding décor. That doesn’t mean, bride & groom shouldn’t incorporate some specific flowers in their wedding. You want to have the wedding of your dreams. Right? If as a couple, you both are more focused on the budget then you should select the best flowers for certain areas such as pew décor, guest book table and to minimize the arrangements.

You can replace expensive flowers by some affordable blooms   

To incorporate the most appealing flowers like peonies and garden roses is every bride’s desire. But, these ravishing blooms are coming up with the budget-breaking amount that it’s quite budget shaking to include them into your wedding day. You can always get that same lush effect with dahlias, a less expensive rose and hydrangeas.

Roses are absolutely stunning but if your final choice for your wedding arrangement is rose then make sure that you’ll get them early enough to have them to full bloom open when it’s time to make the arrangements. No bride wants to have wedding decoration with “closed” rose.

Make a list of your favourite and affordable flower and décor ideas  

By making a list of your favourite plus affordable flowers, it’ll become easy for you to select flowers for your special day as per your need & budget. So, create an awe-inspiring day by using your favourite inexpensive flower.

Final thoughts  

No doubt, wedding is every bride & groom’s new turn and they always want to make a day one of the most memorable day; at the same time, maintaining the budget is also the important part of a wedding. And, mostly decorations require half of the wedding budget so maintaining flower choices become every bride & groom’s priority. Stay stunning!

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