How To Make Your Printed Jute Bag Stand Out

Creating marketing opportunities for your brand can be difficult regardless of whether you are an established business or not. However, printed bags could be the perfect way to market your business on even the tightest of budget. In this article, we will be looking into how you can make your printed jute bag stand out from the rest.

Bright Colours 

When looking at designing printed jute bags it is important to consider the overall colour theme and the impact that this can have with the customers. With 62 – 90% of people making an impulse decision based off of colour, it is important to ensure that the colour is eye-catching whilst having the required branding to help boost your brand and encourage customers to reuse it. This is key to reducing the carbon footprint of a business as you are reducing the amount of plastic being used on a daily business. 

Clear Branding 

Once you have chosen the colour it is important to carefully consider the location of the logo and other branding elements to have the best possible results for your brand. The positioning of your branding is crucial to ensuring the best possible success and will allow you additional marketing opportunities when shoppers are walking around the high street. The more stylish that the bag is, the more likely customers are to reuse them allowing you to have free marketing every time it is in use. This is beneficial particularly for a small business as this comes at no extra cost. 


Another design element that is worth considering when making a bag is the size of the bag. You want it to be large enough to practice without being too large. This is key to the overall process as you are more likely to see people paying 10p for a bag the delivers outstanding design with practicality. Though it can take time to perfect this, a perfectly designed bag can last much longer. When the size and design have been perfected this can then be altered to accommodate a number of holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. 


If you are designing to opt for a pattern rather than a colour theme, it is important to consider the pattern and how this will affect sales of the bag. Whether this is a tartan pattern or a number of a combination of block colours, it is important for you to consider how it will look when it is printed on the bag. Conducting a number of printing tests on the material that you have chosen will help to ensure the finished product is of the best quality possible to showcase your business in the best possible light. 

Whether you are looking to implement brand new packaging, or you are looking for a number of other ways to market your brand to a new audience, creating printed bags will help you to achieve this. Where will you start with your design process?

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