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There are few more special days in the life of a married couple than the day they actually wed. The birth of children certainly comes close but the real beginning is always the wedding day.

Planning a wedding takes time and help. The mundane things are personal, things like how many guests to invite and organising the printing and distribution of those invitations. The real detail starts with the selection of a church, a reception venue and of course the dress. So much depends on size. A small and intimate celebration is one thing; a large guest list provides more of a challenge.

Church and Reception

The Church probably comes first. The venue to continue the celebrations needs to be close by. In rural areas there is likely to be a limited choice. Until that choice is made and bookings agreed other things are on hold.

The choice is greater in large cities, places like London, but demand means that an engaged couple give themselves plenty of time so secure their preferred choice. Perhaps the best way to proceed is to ask a venue directory whatever it has to offer and draw up a shortlist.

Obviously the vows themselves are the most important thing. Couples want their close friends and family with them when they make that promise to each other. The environment is which they do that then continue the celebrations vary from couple to couple. Some may want a very traditional wedding and a venue in keeping with tradition. Others select a more modern concept in every detail.

The principles of preparing a venue for a wedding reception are broadly the same for every single one. That does not mean that any venue cannot be ‘dressed’ in a specific style to suit the couple’s taste. In these days of the Internet many websites have an interactive calendar to show current availability at the click of a button. There is actually no need to get involved with a venue unless it passes early tests on budget, size of venue and location.

The details

Couples who want further help can often find that as well. There are many people that would like to have help with a number of other things:

  • Wedding dress and bridesmaid outfits
  • Groom and best man suits for hire
  • Hairdressing
  • Wedding Flowers
  • Wedding cake
  • Transport
  • Photography and video

There is plenty to arrange and most couples welcome help in making the Big Day truly memorable. Good service companies that provide this help understand the need for quality and efficiency.

As the day approaches there are always nerves. That is perfectly natural but as long as the decisions on venues and suppliers have been wisely made there is really nothing to worry about. Sitting on a beach enjoying a honeymoon after the Big Day couples will look back and wonder why they were worried.

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