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Splendid Diamond Earrings For Women

Earrings are part and parcel of a women’s adornment. With plethora of designs being available in the market, there is a conspicuous choice for every taste. Reputed stores such as Queen’s Jewel’s offers marvelous design patterns at affordable range and with a certificate of authentication. Let us a take a tour at some of the earring categories present at Queen Jewels.

  • Diamond Studs– Studs define a timeless beauty which is worthy of admiration. Personifying subtle beauty in a regal fashion, studs gels in well with any kind of outfit. Studs usually come with screw back options in yellow or white gold. One of the latest trends is to flaunt studs encrusted with black diamond. Solitaire pattern can also be selected in stud design. While going for solitaire diamond earrings for women, check out the cuts (round, oval, pear or princess cut) that help to get a bedazzling effect enhancing ones appearance.
  • Diamond Hoops– Hoops or huggies give a contemporary appeal to the face defining a unique style statement. The beauty of hoops is that it accentuates any kind of face cut. Generally, hoops comes in round pattern, however a modified version is the oval shaped hoops. Gold hoop earrings are a common pattern. However, the latest trend is diamond hoops in white gold. Even silver diamond hoops look stunning. Apt for any occasion such as parties and festivities, hoops stand out as a unique jewel piece.
  • Diamond Danglers– Swaying sensually from the earlobes, danglers vouch for a glamorous look. Available in different lengths, danglers are apt for getting the perfect diva look for evening or cocktail parties. Including designs of diamond cluster earrings, danglers or drop down earrings can be studded with gemstones encrusted in yellow or white gold to get the dazzling effect. A highlight about dangler is that it compliments almost all kinds of face cuts. 
  • Diamond Chandelier earrings– Get a stunning look with amazing gold diamond earrings that are designed in an elegant manner. Chandelier personifies a regal appearance which is accompanied with a rich appeal. Chandelier earrings come in different kinds of shapes and in sizes from 1cm to 14cm and are encrusted with diamond in different settings. Usually, the yellow diamond earrings are preferred design in this genre with brilliantly cut diamonds in the form of pear or princess cut. A ravishing look can be achieved by pairing up diamond chandelier earrings with hued gemstones. 
  • Diamond gemstone earrings– Gemstones can be worn as a symbol of birth stone for luck and charm or can be chosen to simply flaunt a tinted hue that compliments one’s attire. Gemstones such as ruby, emerald, amethyst, opal, tourmaline and topaz can be accompanied and fashioned in a sense that makes up for a brilliant pattern. Giving a glare of a shaded effect, gemstone earrings looks amazing in 14K gold as the base material enhances its overall richness.
  • Diamond earrings– Diamonds are weakness of a woman. Diamond earrings of any kind ooze out an oomph factor that is apt for any occasion. Be it a subtle studded pattern or a regal chandelier design, Diamond earrings give a glamorous appeal which is worth noticing.

So, visit Queen Jewels, go for a pattern that helps to accentuate your personality and flaunt it with all grace.

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