Things To Know About Immigration Laws And Practices

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Here are some things you need to know: 

  • Principle of protection of rights

Migration management is based on the protection of the rights of persons in the migration process, taking into account, as far as possible, the specificity of their needs and interests, in accordance with the capabilities of the countries.

Principle of respect for confirmed international treaties and generally accepted rules of international law in the field of migration investor visa canada

The migration management is carried out in accordance with approved international treaties and generally accepted rules of international law in the field of migration.

The Commissariat conducts professional and administrative-technical tasks for the needs of the Government-formed Missing Persons Commission and: maintains a unique record of missing persons in armed conflicts and in connection with conflicts immigration attorney canada; issues certificates of fact on which official records are kept; make payments for the exhumation, identification, funeral equipment and transportation of the remains of identified persons to the burial place immigration lawyer in canada, or to the border – in the case of transboundary transfer of mortal remains, as well as the costs of the services of forensic experts or teams of experts of the relevant forensic institutions, hired for the needs of the Missing Persons Commission; make one-off financial assistance for funeral expenses in the amount of funeral expenses reimbursement established by the law governing pension and disability insurance; allocates funds for financing programs of associations of families of missing persons in accordance with regulations governing the financing of programs of public interest implemented by associations immigration law firm canada.

For the purpose of performing tasks within its scope, the Commissariat cooperates with state administration bodies, organizations and institutions engaged in the field of social protection, health, education and science and associations.

In order to exchange data, information, experience and practice in the field of migration management, the Commissariat may pursue international cooperation with the competent authorities of other countries and with international organizations dealing with migration issues, in accordance with the law investment immigration canada.

  • Migration Council

The Migration Council, which is governed by the act of its formation, is usually composed of representatives of the executive body of the local self-government unit (mayor / mayor or member of the municipal / city council), social work center, police departments, employment services, commissioner and representative municipal or city administrations immigration attorney canada.

The competent authority in the autonomous province and the local self-government unit established by the Migration Council may decide that, in addition to the representatives, representatives of institutions competent for health and education, representative of the association for issues of importance for the field migration and other persons performing activities of importance for the management of migration in the territory for which it is responsible immigration law firm canada.

At the request of the Commissariat, the Migration Council shall submit to the Commissariat a report on the measures taken and other issues in the field of migration management in the territory for which it was established immigration lawyer in canada.

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