Top 5 Trending Topics That You Can Consider Before Starting Your Blog

Blogging is a treat for people (bloggers) who love writing and also for the people (audience) who love reading new content online. A blog is nothing but a form of online article which is written in a unique and creative way, which includes pictures, links to other websites, and quotes. It is one of the most common forms of content which can be found online these days.

The initial pressure on a blogger is quite high, as they have to come up with a proper domain and hosting service. After this, they have to think about the topics that they need to write for their blog. For this, they need to search for trending topics from sites like myvu

Here is a list of top 5 trending topics that you can consider before writing for your blog: 

1)     Food and recipes

Food is one of the majority of the things; your readers would love to read about because who does not like food, right? Write about the cuisines that you like and also suggest to them the cuisines that they need to taste. Furthermore, along with food, if you are good at cooking, elaborate on the details of your favorite food items by sharing your recipe.

This would attract both hardcore foodies as well as people interested in cooking to follow and read your blog. 

2)     Wanderlust

Lately, people are highly interested in traveling to new places and exploring themselves. If you yourself are a traveler and have travelled to a lot of cities or countries, share your travel stories and suggest to your readers the places that they must visit if they share the same wanderlust as you. This will help you connect with your readers significantly. 

3)     Movies

Just like food, movies are also an evergreen topic to talk about because we all love movies. Tell your readers about the upcoming movies that you are highly anticipated for. Tell them about your favorite films, scenes, actors, and directors. Suggest them a couple of videos that you like and ask them to comment on their suggestions as well in the comments section.

This topic will significantly help you in building a positive and personal rapport with your readers because somewhere or the other, we all connect with movies. 

4)     Technical info

If you have the required excellent technical knowledge, write about the latest tech releases, and suggest the readers about the gadgets they must have. Also, ask them to comment on their technical queries and try to answer them accordingly. 

5)     Memes

There is nothing as popular and trending as memes on social media today. Write about the various memes, funny GIFs, and viral videos that you like. Inform your readers about their context and reference. Ask them to tell you about their favorite memes as well.

Comedy can be a factor that would make the readers be interested in your blog and could relate to you more effectively as well.  

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