Useful Tips On Receiving Your Car Back After An Auto Body Repair

After your car has gone through a collision repair process, and the collision center has asked you to receive it back, know that it is still not time to rejoice, but to be even more careful. Since during the collision repair procedure, the mechanics will dismantle many of the car mechanisms or body parts, it is possible, some things do not get installed back the proper way. Hence, without testing all of them through a mindful test drive, one must not receive back the car.

So, here we have gathered some useful tips for car owners like you, whose car might awaiting a release from a reputed auto body shop

Focusing on the Repaired Parts

The first thing you need to check about your car after the collision repair has taken place is the current physical condition. You need to start with inspecting those parts that were mentioned on the order sheet of repair work.

For example, if you have ordered for a dent repair, check those dents and even for other places on the car body so that nothing gets skipped out.

Other Parts 

even though you are satisfied with the repair work, before accepting your car back, do not shy away from checking out all those parts as well, that were not in the list for repairs, like the door locks, the battery, the brakes and the power switches, if your car had any. For this, you need to make these parts function more than once, to ensure they are in perfect order.

Electrical Components 

It is a commonly found issue that after a collision repair the said car didn’t respond to its electrical switches. This could happen, though unlikely, since the mechanics who handle the car repairs had to disconnect the wiring to repair certain parts but forgot to connect them back. So, before you receive your car back from the auto body shop, do not forget to check the electrical components by switching on each of them like the headlights, the AC, the infotainment system, the music system, the wipers, the charging pad, the cabin light, the USB ports and every other functionality that runs on electric.

Checkout the Bill

Before you make the final payment at the counter, at the auto body shop, check the bill details thoroughly, to ensure you are not charged for anything, they haven’t informed you in advance. There can also be repeated entries of the same repair job. To avoid the risk of double payment, check out each and every break- up of the final due amount. If you find any discrepancies, do not shy away to raise a complaint.

Test Drive is a Must

It is strongly suggested by the auto experts that before accepting the recently repaired vehicle, the owner must go through a test drive. It is necessary to make sure that each and every component of the car is working fine, after the repair, and there is no new issue cropping up, after the repair has been done. If the test drive detects any part malfunctioning, one must report that immediately to the shop, demanding a repair, for which there must not be any extra charge.