Why Inkless Baby Footprint Ink Is Beneficial

Babies will not be babies forever. They grow up fast and the next thing you know, they’re already parents. This is why every moment with your kid should be recorded—or at least some important parts of it like their prints, for instance. If you wish to have a souvenir of their childhood, try the baby footprint ink trend. Many parents all over the world have done this to their children and it gave them something they would never forget. 

Inkless baby footprint kit is a process where you put the footprints of your child on a special paper without using ink. With this, it’s easier to print as many as you want and it will always be faster to get the results. If you are not convinced, there are a couple of things you need to remember.


The name of the activity might have ink in it but it means nothing. It’s only to emphasize the fact that the project doesn’t involve the use of ink –  making it a safe choice for babies. Special paper is the only thing that is required for the process. 

There is also an alternative for this and that is clay. Footprints can be easily molded through clay and it is one of the most preferred methods by parents. The best thing about molding footprint in clay is that the print is as accurate as ink. You would even feel the texture of the print, which makes it even more memorable. 

Different Choices

You will also have different choices for framing. Of course, the print has to be protected and the protection should last for many years. You must pick something that can be displayed in your room. This way, the entire souvenir would look timeless. You can also ask the seller to recommend something better if you can’t think of anything. They will suggest the best ones.


You may buy other stuff as gifts for your baby or other people. They offer cards and even print kits, so you could do the printing anywhere. You should only look at the price and check the products carefully. It should give you an idea about the gifts that are worthy to be bought.


If you think this activity is boring, think again. This is the safest and most fun way of making memories with your child. Many parents have proven this and there are pictures as evidence. You can definitely make the most out of it.


The price shouldn’t worry you at all since everything is affordable. If it’s too expensive for you, you should think about it as an investment – something that you can use to look back to the old days. It’s timeless and it makes life worth it.

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