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8 Decoration Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Decorating for a winter wedding leaves couples with many choices. They can choose one common theme such as winter wonderland in order to narrow down their choices in decorations, or another option is to incorporate as many aspects of the winter season as possible. From sparklers to artificial snow, here are eight winter wedding decoration ideas that rank among my favorites..

One way to decorate for a winter wedding is to blossoms such as roses, orchards and lilies. These are all easy to obtain during the winter, making them an affordable decoration choice. White flowers are a classic choice for a winter wedding and adding cascading ivy to any flower arrangement enhances it. Many couples will also use white vases and white centerpieces as well.

Another idea for a winter wedding is to use snowflakes to decorate with. There are so many ways that snowflakes can be used. They make for beautiful confetti for the tables at a wedding reception and can even be tossed by the flower girl in lieu of petals. Releasing them from the ceiling during the reception can add a touch of winter to the day’s events.

Crystals can be used to enhance a winter wedding, especially when used in conjunction with snowflakes. Scattering the crystals throughout the venue will make the wedding feel like a winter wonderland. They can also be bunched together and used in reception table centerpieces or to decorate vases. It is also easy to incorporate crystals into a couple’s wedding favors.

Artificial snow can often be brought in to decorate the site of the wedding reception. One idea is to scatter the snow over the flowers on the tables and up and down the center. In addition to providing a magical ambience, it can also entertain young children in attendance. To go all out, some couples even choose to have an ice sculpture designed to be displayed at their reception.

White table cloths are elegant for a wintertime wedding and can be added to with colored accessories such as gold or silver ribbons or other similar items. The rings that hold the napkins together can be made of gold or silver beads. Baby’s Breath can be glued to the beads to make it even more decorative.

A nighttime winter wedding calls for slightly bolder decorations. One way to make a bold statement is to use decorations that are midnight blue. Some silver and white will balance out the dark shade of blue, adding more depth to the wedding decorations. Stars can be incorporated into not only any large flower arrangements but also the bouquets of the bridesmaids.

A nighttime winter wedding is also a great opportunity to use wedding sparklers during your reception. Not only will they brighten up the grim winter night, but the heat from the sparklers will warm up your wedding guests at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, wedding sparklers aren’t going to heat everyone up like a campfire, but it will make it warm enough to tolerate some pretty chilly temperatures. For the best results, it’s important to get the longest and thickest wedding sparklers made so the sparkles are the brightest and the heat generated is the most intense.

A large wreath can be used at the entrance to a couple’s wedding venue. To give them a winter style they can be altered with white spray paint and colored glitter. Wreaths can also be used to decorate each table at the wedding reception. Stems and branches can also be incorporated into these wreaths.

Winter time weddings can be a magical experience for couples and their guests. They can make the entire event feel completely warm and fuzzy. Whether you use wedding sparklers for warmth or artificial snow if your location is already too warm, winter weddings are my personal favorite.

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