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Avoid Fashion Flatline With A Wardrobe Re-Vamp

To a fashionista, there are few things quite so nightmarish as peering into the wardrobe and thinking to yourself in panic ‘There’s nothing to wear!’ It happens quite a lot with fashion-addicts who just can’t get enough to feed their habit. Regular sojourns down the High Street to stock up on key clothing items are a fixture in the lives of style junkies, but there comes a time when we have to face up to the truth. When there’s no more room in the wardrobe or money in the bank; it’s time for a reassessment of where you are at. 

Injecting fresh life into a tired clothes collection isn’t really all that hard and the answers to your problem lie in your wardrobe – you just can’t see them yet. Here are some juicy gems to inspire and excite you and get you loving your style again…

Clear the decks

A bulging wardrobe is cause for concern because it is impossible to have a clue what it contains. Who knows what treasures lie languishing beneath the multiple pairs of legging, stacks of winter coats and summer dresses from the last five years? When you are in a style rut you need to take firm action and have a good clear out of the clothes in your wardrobe. Sort garments into three piles, keep, chuck and store – and be honest with yourself about items you haven’t worn in years. Is there really any point hanging on to old, moth eaten cardigans – if they ever become fashionable again can you envisage yourself wearing them? No. Precisely. Bin them.

Once you have sorted out the wardrobe you’ll have a fantastic overview of what you have to chose from. It can be guaranteed you’ll discover some forgotten gem you had completely overlooked for years and can start wearing again immediately. Try and avoid hanging on to clothes that are out of fashion but you are gambling on them returning to favour, unless of course they are vintage classics that simply mature like fine wine. Keep those.

Switch and swap

Gather your gal pals for a fun evening of clothes swapping. It’s a perfect excuse for a get together and has the add-on benefit of nourishing your style-starved wardrobe. Ask friends to bring along five garments they would like to exchange, and then set about having a massive ‘trying on’ session. Your living room may become like the changing cubicles at Top Shop for the night, but it will be a laugh, you’re bound to get something new to wear and it won’t cost a penny. What’s not to like?

Invest in a key piece

If you really can’t resist adding to your wardrobe by splashing the cash, think carefully before you spend. Buy a key piece that will work hard for you. This season playsuits are performing well as multi-tasking all rounders that make the smooth transition from work wear to evening wear with ease. There are playsuits in sheer fabrics, tweeds, corduroy and cashmere or lighter more fun prints and fabrics. Just because it’s called a playsuit doesn’t mean it can’t cut it in a serious situation – the right garment teamed with wool tights, riding boots and this season’s cape draped over the shoulders, looks sophisticated and confident. If you can’t find what you want on the High Street head online where you’ll discover a whole new world of fashion choice and playsuit perfection. If you are going to make one purchase, seriously consider a playsuit for its versatility and fresh edginess.

Add some sparkle

Accessories are the answer to many a dull and dreary wardrobe problem. Breathe new life into outfits with fresh accessories that draw the eye. This season it’s all about big earrings, tiaras, wide belts, chunky shoes and thigh hugging boots. Teaming new accessories with old outfits will make you see them in a new light and transform their potential. The catwalks were exploding with sparkle and glitter in jewellery accessories such as ear cuffs, crystal and flower necklaces, arm cuffs, knotted pearls, fringed bracelets and even facial jewellery. Experiment with accessories to re-interpret and embellish old faithfuls in your wardrobe, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

When your fashion style is flatlining, it’s a worrying time. Fortunately, the solution to this pressing problem lies close to home – in your actual wardrobe. So don’t panic, stay calm and embrace the re-vamp – it’s just what you and your wardrobe have been waiting for!


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