Best Places To Visit In Montego Bay

Montego Bay; ranked as the second largest city in Jamaica and Fourth in terms of population is one of the most fascinating hub for the tourists. The bay has some special charms that make it outstanding from all the other tourist destinations in Jamaica. The beautiful beaches, amazing coastline secured coral reefs and miles are some of the major attraction in the bay. It also hosts a first class modern international airport and modern ports which receive a large number of cruises thought the year.

Some of the best tourist destinations in Montego Bay include:

Rose Hall Great House

· Rose hall great House has much to be told in terms of its history. It was built in the 1770 by John Palmer and finally become a home of a famous witch Annie Palmer who was thought to have some magic in her.

· It serves as a cocktail that is believed to protect visitors from the enduring effects of any enchants that they may encounter.

· It also offer a great view point of the beautiful ocean views which attracts a large number of tourists.

 Doctors Cave Beach

· This has been ranked as the best beach in Jamaica. Despite the destruction of the cave which was the entry point to the beach, It is still the best with an alluring strip if white sand.

· The cool , calm ,clear waters of the beach attracts a large number of swimmers .The waters are also believed to have a healing effect , an aspect that attracts a vast number of tourist from all over the world

· It also host a large number of modern hotels and restaurants which offer great accommodation facilities for the tourists.

Martha Brae River

· This is also one of the most popular tourist attraction sites in the Montego Bay. It is four feet deep but gets to about twelve feet during the rainy season

· Tourist enjoy the walk along the banks of the river which is covered by a number of vegetation’s such as bamboo rafts, Almond trees, native grass as well as the Allspice. There isalso a number of wild parrots. Much more about the flora and fauna can be given by the locals or the guides.

· A more memorable experience is having a swim in the great waters of the Martha Brae River.


· This was ones the largest port in Jamaica. It is surrounded by a number of sugar estates and several cattle lands which attract a number of tourist.

· The Greenwood Great House is the major attraction in the area being the home of a legendary poet named Elizabeth. Built in the year 1800, it still retain much of its original equipping.

· The vast collection of musical instruments is one of the major attraction that many tourist come to see.

 Cornwall Beach

· It is one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica. It has a secure underwater marine park that gives tourist a chance to have an encounter with the fish and other sea animals.

· It is also offers a great destination for the divers and snorkelers.

· Alongside the water life, It has a club, a restaurant, bathhouses as well as a craft center where visitors can watch the crafts workers.

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