4 Restaurants In Pune That Serve Wholesome Budget Thali

Your Pune tour is simply incomplete if you haven’t enjoyed the wholesome thali at one of the local restaurants. This vacation head to the city for a fun vacation and include the authentic thali in your itinerary. 

Pune is one of the destinations on India tourism map that tourist often head to relax and rejuvenate and spend the vacation learning the rich culture, which in turn is a mix of different cultures. There is to be sure a specific appeal in the demeanor of Pune that allures one to return for all the more, again and again. Individuals from around the globe spend months in the Osho Ashram, which is an incredibly famous centre of meditation, while some simply drive down for the most fervor-filled parties ever. Whatever be your reason, the old city and now a center point of Information Technology, fascinates every single visitors of its. A year round pleasant climate, easygoing discussions, and its laid-back attitude are just addictive. There are flights from all major Indian cities. Recently there is an increase in the frequency of Bangalore to Pune flights, which testifies Bangaloreans love towards Pune.

The city is extremely well-known for its culture, particularly the indigenous one. Maharashtrian Thali is the new trendy expression and has increased in terms of popularity among various segments of individuals. It is a simple choice to experiment with various scrumptious food and flavors, to the fullest. So while you are in Pune, relax, eat and be joyful like local people. Here is a rundown of some of the local top choices that feature special Thali that is overflowing with various flavours.


It is an appealing eatery situated in the old part of the city. You are guaranteed of a standard Maharashtrian thali with bunches of alternative available. Chappati in 3 varieties, rice in 2 varieties, dals, and accompaniments like pickle and papads – together constitute the thali. For Rs 175, you can enjoy this feast that is amazingly yummy. Good service, clean dining, moderate and budget friendly, totals up Durvankur USP.


Kaveri is known for its Kolhapuri food, it has built up as a standard today, and has even opened up a few different branches in the city. The eatery cases to serve the culinary homemade Kolhapuri food. It is housed in a shed in a way that it is a structure with seating arrangements extending to outside. The menu contains of Chicken, Mutton, and Vegetarian Thalis and other unique dishes. The Mutton thali has an exceptional taste and is immersed in flavours.


Mayur is a famous thali joint in pune-it has three branches at deccan, chinchwad , and camp and has many to come soon. It just adds to further making Mayur as a popular Thali eatery. The nourishment here is boundless and the servers continue refilling your katories the minute they see then getting empty. The menu is not the same and changed consistently. This is a great positive point. The thali ideally costs you Rs 250, which may appear to be a bit excessive, yet it is simply worth trying.

That were the three popular eateries in Pune, where you can gusto a thali that is full of spice flavors, and what’s not. Full of tourist attractions and allures that make one come back to Pune for a wonderful vacation again and again, it is only obvious that Pune remains one of the most frequented destinations in India. So go ahead head to the Pune this vacation and explore every aspect of Pune tourism. Enjoy your stay!

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