Family And Partner Visa: Things You Should Know

Anyone who is trying to cross the country and obtain a visa got loads to face during the application process. A visa is an authorized permission granted to a person who is a foreign on that country. If you’re not born in the said country, you need to go through the application so you can official enter the country whether as a tourist an immigrant. The country of Australia for example has different visas made available for overseas family.  

Before handing in the papers, you should know how it goes and what are the things you need to prepare or know of to avoid unnecessary stress along the way. 

Australian Visa 

A visa is issued by the government of Australia and it comes with different kinds of visa depending on the application. Some visas are for temporary visits while others are for permanent residency. 

Specific types of visa: 

  • Spouse and partners

This visa is for partners who wishes to join their other half in Australia; only if the other partner is a permanent resident in the country 

  • Children and adoptees

A visa for parents to bring their child or children and/or legally adopted kids in Australia 

  • Parents

A visa for parents invited/sponsored by their children to join them in Australia 

  • Carers

A visa only eligible relative coming over to Australia to take care of a sick loved one. 

  • Relatives

A visa for a relative or relatives wanting to join their family in Australia 

Applying for a visa is a hard and long process but if done right, there won’t be any hassle when preparing for the papers and other requirements. However, it is still a complicated process and having a full knowledge about it comes handy.

Partner Visa 

For this application there are two classes to obtain the partner visa. The applicant will be granted first with a temporary visa and then a permanent visa. Only a third category is applied if the partner does not live in Australia and wish to travel to the country to get married. 


  • Must be married to or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or someone who is a permanent resident
  • Same sex partners are also eligible as well as those that are interdependent 
  • The other partner must sponsor the invited partner for 2 years 
  • Provide proof of legal marriage or any evidence of the commitment and/or shared life 
  • Meet the health and character needs as designated by the DIBP or the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • The De facto partner must provide proof of the relationship is genuine running for 12 months before his or her application 

Every visa case application is different but generally, the process period is normally 2 years. In order to get the application done smoothly and without a hitch, you can meet up with family and partner visa specialists.

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