Why Travellers Moving To Europe Need EHIC Card?

Are you looking for the cheapest health cover for temporary stays in Europe? Well, then you should opt for EHIC card. This card will serve you some exclusive health insurance benefits that might reduce your medical expenses to a great extent. Many British families who move to different parts of Europe every year have got this amazing health care.

Whether you are moving to Europe for receiving any advanced medical treatment or for spending recreational holidays you will be in need of this card. Nasty medical surprises cannot be effectively dealt with without the use of this card and thus you should certainly carry it at the time of travelling.  This card is a sort of protection shield for European travellers.

Benefits of E111 card:

  • Travel health insurance benefits will get boosted up if you carry EHIC card along. To be more precise, this card compliments normal travel insurance by enhancing its value.
  • Medical expenses arriving all of a sudden during travel can get easily reimbursed with this card. This is a leading reason for which this card has currently gained so much importance.
  • You can now receive a high end medical care in reputed hospitals with this card. Medical emergencies can be tackled only if there is a great health support and this is what you can get from this card.
  • Excellent maternity care can be expected if you have this card along. This kind of care is usually needed for those pregnant women who are left with only last one or two months for delivery. Sudden baby delivery issues can also be easily tackled with E111 card.

These benefits can be enjoyed only by UK citizens. The card can be applied in different languages. Thus, you can choose the desired one at the time of making the application online. 5-year is the maximum validity limit of this card. After card expiry, you should renew the same for availing the benefits in the long run.

Those travellers who think that taking travel-insurance can increase their travel-cost can surely go for E111 card. This card can be obtained for no cost. In fact, during renewal also you do not require paying anything. Before applying for the card, you should find out what sorts of coverage you are actually receiving from it.

Few restrictions:

Every good thing comes with some restrictions and so as E111 card. Until and unless you know the restrictions, you will not be able to make optimum usage of the card especially at the time of need. Some major restrictions of this travel insurance card are as follows:

  • Planned treatment or private healthcare costs are not being compensated under EHIC scheme. This information has been clearly mentioned on the site and if you agree to this then only you can apply for the card.
  • Repatriation or rescue issues will not get resolved or assisted by the concerned healthcare scheme. In this case, only normal travel insurance can help you out.
  • If you are travelling to Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein then you should inquire about the social security coordination regulations first.

EHIC card is beneficial for those travellers who are happy with limited medical coverage. If you are looking for a concrete medical coverage then you will be in need of a health insurance cover along with this card.

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