Top Five Indian Restaurants

Restaurants  vary  in  India from the very  high profile to medium  profile  but  offering  quality  and  simple  foods  that  are  really  delightful. India is home  to some  of  the  best  cuisines  in  the world   and  elements  of  the contemporary world  have  now  been  incorporated  into these  cuisines. Foods  like pizza  are  now  a  delicacy   in  India and   with  a  Swiggy  coupons  for a free pizza, one can get to enjoy a chef special Italian pizza.

Odisha Hotel

This is a simple restaurant that serves clients over the lunch hour and is the best place to order auntheticOdia food. Food here is served in big proportions and more so using traditional dish ware made of bell-metal. Odisha restaurant menu is basically of Odia which can be ordered as a non-veg which is rare or veg. This hotel is located in Bhubaneswar, India.

Tunday Kababi

This hotel which is so hospitable and is over 100 years old is basically a kebab shop. The TundayKababi offers Buffalo kebabs in its menu, which are really a delight. The original Tunday restaurant maybe hard to find but it has other branches in the city. These franchises offer the same copied services and foods in the menu.

The minced kebabs made from mutton are simply sumptuous and have a spicy punch added to it. The original Tunday Kababi is located in Lucknow in India.

Esphahan Restaurant

This restaurant is located in TajGans and is renowned for its exquisite menu filled with unique cuisines, which are delicacies acclaimed as regional dishes and signify Indian heritage.

One has to book a table since the hotel offers only two sittings in the evening between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM. They specialize in North India Tandoor, Mughalia lamb kebab, braised lamb all which are so succulent and mouthwatering. It has a romantic setting and has a santoor player playing live.

Thalassa Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Vagator and Chapora. It is open only from 4 PM up until midnight. It specialises in Greek food that is served on a terrace that is breezy with sound of the sea that is just below.

They serve a speciality in seafood, souvlaki, and kebabs but also veg cuisines are served. Especially the spanakorizo which is a dish made of rice and spinach topped with feta and cooked with Greek herbs and oil. A jug of sangria is served to wash down these delicacies. An advance booking is essential for one to get a table by the beach.

1658 Restaurant

This is a restaurant that offers sensible prices for standard gourmet’s cuisines in a relaxed special atmosphere. Though the name is derived from Italy’s Boroque period, it has a 20th century decor and has a six stooled bar that stands out.

Snacks are served in beakers that resemble those found in chemistry labs but very creatively. Their skinny pizzas are served on slated slabs. They also serve cottage cheese which is seared in herbs with potatoes with a tinge of lemon and pepper coulis that is simply sumptuous.

The range of restaurants is wide, serving contemporary foods to culturally defined or regional foods. Discounts on orders made can be acquired by the use of TinyOwl coupons since some foods or dishes could be highly priced.

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