Buy a New Laptop Here are Some Tips

Tips for Notebooks

What should I do to evaluate the purchase of a laptop? What features should have my new notebook? Brand? Processor power? Amount of RAM? Capacity Hard Disk? Battery life? Model of video card?
These are all questions that arises who should buy a new laptop and unable to extricate themselves in the jungle of CPUs, gigabytes, megabytes, chips, Cache, FSB and various acronyms. Questions that in fact do not have a single answer because a computer can be used in different ways and for different purposes: work, play, multimedia, graphics processing, audio editing, video editing, then the choice should be made considering several factors, including of course the price.

Guide to the notebook

A website that you can help is definitely, the English version of the site German there are dozens of notebooks with the ability to make comparisons between the main models of processors (Intel and AMD) and view the its Benchmark (index / measured value of benefits). Also of note is the section devoted to reviews of notebooks with tests on individual models of the major manufacturers and FAQs and Tips on laptops with guides and information also on the video cards and LCD screens and LED notebook.
Have fun shopping!

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