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If you need Personal or Commercial Legal service, then MST Lawyers are here for you. They offer a wide array of services to their clients so that they can deal with various abrupt legal cases.

At some point in life, a person finds himself/herself in a situation where only a professional can help them. Whether they are facing employment issues, wills, and estates issues, property matters, corporate and commercial disputes, family law, or Conveyancing, a lawyer can help in all situations.

Comprising of a staff of 60 dedicated lawyers, MST has made a reputation for them. They have been in the business for over 60 years. In the start, the firm was a mid-tier legal practice company which used to handle commercial and private cases only. Gradually, the business expanded and now they handle all types of legal cases.

The reason after their huge success is the services they provide. MST makes sure that they provide their clients with everything they can. As their clients vary from individuals to SMEs, national to international corporations, it is vital that they maintain the quality of their service. The area of practice includes:

  • Corporate and Commercial:

Headed by John Sier and Michael Carr, the corporate and commercial team handles the domestic and international issues related to commercial and corporate. The team caters to the need of clients in the field of corporate advisory, general commercial, mergers and acquisitions, company secretarial, fundraising and capital markets, financial services, tax, superannuation, joint ventures, and Succession planning too.

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation:

This team provides guidance and solutions to the people and companies who are involved in disputes, arbitrations, and court proceedings.

  • Employment Law and Workplace Safety:

The team provides sensible solutions related to employment, industrial issues, HR advisory, and OHS matters too.

  • Family Law:

Under this section, the team handles the cases within families and come up with a strategic plan to deal with the issues such as child custody, child support, divorce cases, etc.

  • Franchise Law:

They provide professional advice to the franchisees, franchisors, and suppliers of the franchising sector on all aspects.

  • Intellectual Property & Trademarks:

MST provides commercial intellectual property solutions for businesses. From the creation of rights to the expansion of rights, documentation and exercising the intellectual property rights are common for them.

  • International Law:

Under this section, the team of lawyers helps the clients and their firm to expand their global reach in a legal way.

  • Mediation:

The professional lawyers are committed to helping the clients to resolve the disputes and conflicts in the most efficient way.

  • Property and Leasing:

The team provides legal advice and solutions for all property and infrastructure related matters including the environment and leasing issues.

  • Wills & Estates:

It involves inheritance and superannuation disputes, deceased estates and Wills of an individual.

Being the best commercial lawyers Melbourne is not easy at all. Hence, you can rely on their service to resolve all the difficult situations in your life.

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