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5 Games Ideas To Pump Up The Fun At A Bucks Party

Planning a bucks party night out in Sydney can be amazing. The city offers so many choices for games and ideas that are best suited for a crazy party out in town. A bucks party, after all, is your chance to enjoy bachelorhood with your friends one last time. It needs to be filled with excitement and fun that reminds you of the good old days for years to come. Yet, if you find yourself strapped for choices due to a shortage of ideas, do not despair. Here is a list of 5 games that can turn even the soberest parties into a night to remember!

Book a private boat charter

Elevate the range of same party games to a new height by simply changing the location of your party. Hire a boat cruise complete with food and drinks. Plan your drinking games around the location theme or simply join classics such as spin the bottle, dance-offs and attack. The night will remain etched in your memory not just for fun but also for the slice of adventure to be had on the cruise itself.

Paintball fun

Don’t want to have a boring suit party for your buck’s night? Ditch the suit and plan a fierce paintball war with your friends arranged in teams. Though, make sure to have a food and drinks arrangement at the end of the war to really end the night with a party splash.

The strangers game

Here is one that you can play even at a buck’s party arranged at a regular nightclub. Simply dare your friends to approach a group of girls (or boys) with the intent of talking them up. The idea, however, is for the friend to stay in the weirdest character possible. For a set time, the buck must be able to engage the group with his weirdness but if told to leave before time, he loses. Pick fun consequences for the losers of the game to make the night even more fun.

Dance Battle

This is the ultimate for any bucks party. Plan a dance-off among your friends to relive those early college days when this used to be a serious pursuit. After all a dance battle remains sacred and of course, prepare spoils of the war so the competition is epic fun and memorable for years ahead.


Another location shift for your buck’s party can be the go-kart arena. You can never go wrong with a buck’s party challenge that involves speed racing and friends challenging friends. Even the shyest of your group will have an amazing time with this one. Sydney does offer some of the best Go-Kart arenas in the world.

If your party is still feeling a little dry, hire a few talented bucks party strippers to liven up the party. Just keep up the tradition after all a bucks party does bring strippers first thing to mind. Make sure to stock up on the drinks and food and do not forget to book a limo or charter a bus for pickups and drop-offs at the end of the party.  

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