Coworking Space Etiquettes – The Essentials For A Thriving Community

Coworking spaces have been gaining immense popularity globally. More than a mere fad, they have actually become a distinct choice for many.  Not only is choosing a coworking space an economical option for businesses (both small and large organizations), it is also a great 

Breeding ground for networking and social interactions between varied individuals from completely different walks of life. 

However, just like any other workplace, it is important that a certain kind of conduct be maintained here, to make coworking easier, productive and more fun. We have all gone through the trauma of having annoying coworkers, from the one who endlessly chats away on their phone to the one who pound their keyboards in the most obnoxious manner. There are certainly some common courtesies that no one should forget to keep their coworking space in Bangalore harmonious. If you’re new to the world of coworking places, here are a few tips you should keep in mind: 

Respect Boundaries

Remembering that every individual is there to get some work done in a way that is suited to them, is key to a happy coworking space. Remember to respect others’ time and personal space – both physical as well as mental. So, hogging the sofa in the cafeteria for the entire day may not be an entirely acceptable thing to do. Neither is trying to strike up a conversation with the new person sitting next to your cubicle today even when they are visibly uninterested and swamped with work. 

Maintain professionalism 

As a logical corollary to the point above, keep in mind that a coworking space is first and foremost a workplace. There is an unspoken code of professional ethics that should be adhered to. It should not only govern your interactions within the working hours but also during the breaks. So, it is important not to unnecessary meddle with the affairs of the others, whether professional or personal. Not only that, extend basic professional curtsies to all. For instance, take any of your social or private calls outside the work area to ensure that it doesn’t disturb others. 

Contain your mess

A coworking space obviously means that there will be certain basic amenities and infrastructure that you will be sharing with the rest of your colleagues. Most coworking spaces even have common tables to work on. So, do not be the reason for anyone’s inconvenience. Make sure to keep your things within a reasonable limit on a shared table in a way that your stuff doesn’t get in the way of the other. Or, clean up your table after having a snack. These small efforts can make a world of a difference to your co-workers. 

Avoid being a Peeping Tom 

Privacy is a critical aspect of everyone’s professional and personal life. It’s important to ensure we don’t unnecessarily intrude into the domains of our colleagues/coworkers. Naturally, this includes not peeping into their cell phone or laptop when they are not around. Or, make sure to ask the person in case you want to use something that belongs to them and never forget to return it. 

Be compassionate 

With every member in the workspace possibly coming from a different profession and different background, compassion can go a long way in ensuring a healthy work environment. Keep in mind that everyone can have their bad days or moments and this is best respected. Avoid raising havoc over that one time you are usually level headed colleague snapped back at you for taking too long at the photocopier machine. Be understanding of the troubles they may be facing and if possible, help them tackle their problems. 

Socialize with others

Amidst all the dos and don’ts, do not forget to enjoy the most unique opportunity that a co-working space offers you – socialization. Strike up conversations with people from diverse backgrounds, learn a thing or two about their profession or even plan a dinner together to unwind during the weekend. This helps uplift the general mood of the workspace and makes it a much happier one. Not only that, by being friendly, you may find networking opportunities – perhaps perfect business partner, or simply a great pal, or even a hobby to treasure for your life.  The possibilities are endless! 

Having said all this, it is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules at a coworking space. In fact, one of the USPs of the coworking concept has been its flexibility, and non-traditional and informal setting. So, strike a balance between getting your work done in the most effective manner and having fun. Use common sense to know what may or may not be acceptable to your co worker and learn to work well within your boundaries.

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