Why Do You Need A Professional Translation Services In Dubai To Translate A Contract?

Every type of document can be translated, whether it is personal, academic, professional, corporate, legal or any other area, and it is no different with the translation of contracts , which must be done with great care.

One might think that a machine translation is sufficient for this type of document, but this is not true. The service needs to be done by a professional in the area so that the results are positive.

Learn why contract translation needs to be delegated to professional translators, and learn about the advantages that can be gained through this decision.

Why is contract translation so important?

Because this is what can give the document and the company the necessary reliability and credibility, in addition to, in the case of document translation, making the contract have the same legal validity in other countries, so that its legal value is exactly that that was initially planned.

Some companies may find this to be a merely bureaucratic step and not so necessary, as there may be another contract that has been drafted in their language, but the absence of contract translation or improper performance can pose serious problems.

The possible results brought by alternatives to the professional translator are as follows:

Automatic translation

Is it possible to trust machine translation? This is a question that executives and directors of companies may have in their minds, but the answer is no: you cannot rely on machine translation , as it is impossible to attest to the quality of this procedure.

The functioning of machine translators evolves more and more over time, that is true, as with neural machines, machine learning and intelligent algorithms, but the dangers of relying on the machine translation have not been overcome – and most likely never will be.

There is no understanding, analysis and thinking that can be observed in a professional translator, which jeopardizes the quality and integrity of that document, especially if there are expressions, terms and statements that make sense only in the source language.

It is possible to count on the help of automatic translators for informal needs, but when it comes to translating contracts, this is not a good choice.


We have already compared automatic and crowdsourcing x professional translations and found that the first two options do not compare to the quality of a professional who works in the field, and this also applies to contract translation.

Crowdsourcing is a term whose meaning is the delegation of the same work to a group of people, each one being responsible for a part and the payment is shared among those involved. This is an idea that can bring many more problems than benefits.

When crowdsourcing is used, there is not always a pattern to follow during translation or even someone who can be appointed as responsible for the project as a whole, which makes any necessary corrections and changes difficult.

In fact, it is not even possible to be sure that the work will be delivered, which can make the cheap expensive and the company has to go after the injury, so hiring a contract translation professional .

What are the advantages brought by a professional contract translator in Dubai?

Many, but definitely the one that stands out the most is the certainty of having the work delivered on time and with quality. Some points that have a positive impact on the professional translator are as follows:

Credibility of the professional

When delegating the translation of a contract to a specialized company, there will always be the necessary support and assistance regarding the progress of the service and the fulfillment of the agreed deadline, as well as any other service needs that the customer may have.

Dealing with an experienced and specialized company also means that the analysis for selecting new translators is well done and that the quality of the work is guaranteed.

Best value for money

The search for alternatives can be done in order to save as much as possible, but this is not a good decision, since the quality of services cannot be proven, which can cause additional costs, loss of time and deadlines, and the work has to be redone. This no longer exists with the choice of a professional translator.

The service is performed by experienced professionals who have been through this type of work many other times, giving them the experience and training they need to be able to offer a very high quality translation.

Although the value of translating contracts is higher at a specialized company, the risks that will not be taken to make the investment worthwhile.

Legal validity of the document in other countries

One of the most important points is the legal validity of the translated document, which can only be checked by a contract translation done by a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC – also called a sworn translator), a professional duly qualified for this type of translation service.

Such a requirement is necessary due to the fact that this professional is endowed with public faith, that is, he has the power to confer legal validity in other countries that that translated document needs, as long as it is presented together with the original document.

This is not possible through any other type of translation, even if it is done by an experienced professional, but is not endowed with public faith. Therefore, the requirement for a public translator is essential for these cases.

Count on a contract translation professional and avoid problems

As this is a process that can interfere with the proposed business relationships between companies and even the international credibility of an institution, which can have serious consequences for those involved, it is of utmost importance to have a professional translator for the contract to be translated. be with quality.

It is better to prevent any kind of problem than to have to solve it in the future, which can be even worse if the company in the other country perceives an error in the translated document, which can affect the business relationship and give an idea of lack of professionalism that is not true.

Therefore, whenever you need to translate contracts , look for a reliable and experienced Dubai Translation Services and ensure that this process, which is so important for your company, runs as smoothly as possible.

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