Top Online Course Ideas In Demand In 2021

There are multiple online course ideas that are great if you are aiming to make money. Through this article, we aim at providing you online course ideas which are in demand in 2021. This would also help you to generate a strong passive income for yourself. Over & above, we would help you in refining your search. You would be able to finalize an idea where your expertise and learning search meet. Hence, in case you need some hand holding in finalizing an idea, read on. 

There are specific offbeat online courses which have done pretty well over the years. Let me provide you with a quick read: 

Finance & Cryptocurrency

It is pretty natural for professionals, as well as students, to maximize their potential by learning new skills. The skills which are most relevant in the now. Topics like Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges are a few things which are new in the market. People are fascinated by these topics. Hence, if you can create a course on know-hows, it will sell like hotcakes. A few more things in finance include Forex, Investments, stock trading etc are the trending finance topics.

Personality Development & Self Help

Self-help course modules, books, seminars & personal sessions have always been popular. However, the new-age learning mode of online courses takes self-development to a whole new level. These are a result of people seeking better employability, as well as, better career opportunities. For everything ranging from relationship management & career growth, people are turning up to online coaching. You can create the whole online coaching material on online course platforms like Spayee. Someone who knows a thing or two about self-help, coaching, or counselling can conduct online classes. Self-help topics range from leadership, spirituality, fitness, mindfulness, anxiety management and mental health. 


Tech-related courses are pretty high in demand because of how the whole tech revolution is shaping up. Courses related to technology like AI, Cloud, Automation, Robotics, App Development & coding languages are extremely in high demand. A few of these topics are relatively new in the market, hence is hooking up with students & professionals.


Entrepreneurship & startups are gaining traction these days. The whole startup ecosystem is being appreciated and supported by the government as well. As an instance, there are various SAAS companies which are starting up. They would need hand-holding in terms of the nuts and bolts involved in entrepreneurship. If your courses can teach entrepreneurship, business skills, startup ecosystems, client management, then it would be in demand. However, with massive content being produced, it’s absolutely critical you focus on providing high quality and value. There is no other way to stand out. 


Marketing, especially digital marketing is a new found strategy among companies and personal brands. All the companies are marketing their products online because the users are hanging out in their smartphones quite a lot. Hence, it’s a better idea to Sell online courses from your own website which have quite an useful application like this one. A few examples of Digital Marketing niches are social media, google analytics, influencer marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, Wikipedia Page etc. This could also be an important module in entrepreneurship courses. 

Creative Writing 

Be it smartphone, websites, blogs, social media creatives, ebooks, and hard copies, articles, or email copies. If you know how to write effectively while being creative, there are ample career opportunities for you. The businesses rely on the access to the internet. Hence, being great with words & producing quality courses that teach great content writing skills would be in demand. With prominent writers being in scarce, online courses are great a deal.  

The above topics are just a few to choose from. If something else fascinates you, go ahead and do your bit of research. While launching the course, use online course platforms like Spayee.