Top iOS Education Apps That Are A Must

Technology has come a long way and has revolutionised every aspect of life including education. Be it making dull classes interesting using projectors and presentations, or be it conducting classes through the internet and getting global exposure from your room using a laptop, technology has changed the face of education.

Technology has even entered into the education domain thanks to the help of smartphones and iPhones. Here are a few education apps you can download on your iPhone and get smarter for sure:


This is one of the best apps if you’ve taken it upon yourself to learn a new language. You can now open up a world to learn Spanish, German, Danish, Swedish and many more through this simple to use app. There are no hidden charges in the app and you can make yourself at least somewhat knowledgeable in other languages which would go a long way if you were to take a vacation to one of these countries. You get to clear various levels and even compete with friends making it learning with fun for sure.


TED is an amazing platform to discover seminars delivered by tech wizzes and educational gurus who take up various topics that answer so many of life’s questions. Whether you’re figuring out where life is going, whether you’re reeling through depression or can’t decide whether to change that job or buy a new house, just log onto TED and hear some powerful and motivational speeches that will change your entire thought process. The talks are inspiring with radical ideas ready to change the world one person at a time. You can also listen to the audio and download the videos to watch them later in offline mode too. This app will surely give you a fresh perspective on life.

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This is one of the best apps you can get to exercise your brain. It’s been created to help you fine tune and improve your focus, memory, mental maths and much more which will sharpen our mind and help you with cognition and better comprehension. You can play games for better coordination and precision with the games getting more difficult as you progress further. The games have been scientifically designed to improve neuro- reception and improve overall coordination and focus. Download this app today to really get those grey cells to start working out!

HowTo Make Origami

This is a great arts and craft app that helps you learn the delicate of origami. Origami always looks easy to do but when it actually comes to creating masterpieces with paper its never that easy. Now thanks to this app, you can teach yourself some neat tricks and learn how to make a dinosaur, duck, rose, pigeon and many more shapes and forms. You can decorate your kids room with it or can even decorate your house once you really master the art of it.

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This is a really interesting and educational app that will keep you busy for hours on end. It works like a normal GPS but instead helps you identify stars, satellites, constellations and everything else the night sky has to offer. It’s the perfect app for stargazers as it guides you where exactly to point your binoculars or telescope and makes watching the night sky so much more informational and fun. You don’t need to be an astronomer to understand the alignment and positioning of stars and constellations as this app helps you exactly with that.

Download these highly educational as well as entertaining apps and put your iPhones and iPads to good use by helping it sharpen your mind, widen your gaze and bring enjoyment at the same time.

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