Compensation Claims: Ladder Accident Compensation

Ladder accidents take place around the country every year, both inside and outside of the workplace. Although both types of accident are serious and can cause long term injuries, it is workplace ladder accidents that regularly lead to compensation being awarded to accident victims.

There are a number of reasons why workplace ladder accidents are more likely to lead to compensation being awarded to the injured party, the first of which is based on the cause and on the number of people who are likely to witness the accident. If you are working alone at home than any ladder accidents are likely to be your fault, unless you can prove there is unreasonable wear that can be attributed to the manufacturer. Not only that, but home ladder accidents significantly reduce the chances of a witness observing the accident, which is vital to a successful claim if another person is at fault.

Workplace Ladder Accidents

On the other hand, workplace ladder accidents are regularly viewed by other people and therefore are likely to be successfully taken to court if another person is at fault. Moreover, workplace ladder accidents are rarely the fault of those who experience the fall due to the large amount of legislation that surrounds health and safety in the workplace. No matter where you work, your employer will be governed by a number of legal acts, including the Work at Height Regulations, which are in place to ensure the safety of their employees. Under this legislation, your employer is likely to be liable to pay ladder accident compensation if they have failed to follow any of the guidelines within the relevant regulations.

As part of the guidelines in place to protect employees, employers are expected to ensure complete safety while their workers are working at height. This begins with the regular maintenance of all equipment, including the ladder or any other equipment used at height within the specific workplace. Employers are also responsible for ensuring that all work at height is properly risk assessed before it is undertaken by staff members. Finally, employers should make sure that each of their workers has been properly trained before they work at height, to ensure that they are never placed in a hazardous position without the necessary skills to protect themselves.

Can I Claim?

If you have fallen from a ladder or another object at height then you could be entitled to claim compensation from your employer or another responsible party. With the help of a personal injury solicitor you can ensure that you receive all of the compensation that you may need to achieve a full recovery. This can include any money required to cover additional medical costs or travel costs, any money lost from a loss of earnings, any money to cover the suffering experienced by the victim, or even compensation to cover a future loss of earnings for those facing long term injuries following a ladder accident.

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