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Different Aspects Related To A Viable Fence Post

Almost all the farmhouses are surrounded with viable fence posts. These are the fixtures that protect the dwellers and the belongings from animals and unscrupulous persons too to great extent. Boundaries of properties are also marked with suitable fencing material.

Those interested in fence posts may consider the following aspects:

  1. Protection – The first and foremost point needed to be considered is the protection that a fence post usually provides. We may be interested in keeping the coyotes and dogs away from our farmsteads. Likewise protection from wandering animals is also a must for our farmhouses that need to be fenced in viable manners.
  2. Height – The next point to be considered is the height of the fence post. The usual height of the fence posts is about three to four feet. It may be increased or decreased as per the specific requirements.
  3. Types – The fence posts may generally be classified into three major categories, i.e. slave posts, corner posts or the line posts.  The latter, i.e. the line posts are the ones that are fixed alongside the length of the field or pasture. They are usually available in diameter of three to five inches.

Fence posts are available either in steel or wood. Postholes have to be dug for fixing the wooden posts. Steel T posts have to be fixed into the ground with a post driver or the sledge for fixing the posts made of steel. Available with wire clips and quite durable; the steel posts are easy to fix and get attached with the fence wire itself. A piece of heavy steel pipe known as post driver is closed on one end and is fixed down over the top of the post. It is slapped down to drive the post into the ground. These fence posts work well where the people have to face rocks etc.

Different types and sizes of posts are available as far as wooden ones are concerned. Everything depends upon the particular area and the type of wood from which the posts are made, i.e. Osage orange, mulberry, cedar or locust etc.

Post drivers purchased from the local stores may not serve well as they are weak in strength and may get broken because of heavy pounding. Fence posts of heavy-duty and prepared by a good welder may last for prolonged yeas. Old truck drive shafts may be used for making such long lasting fence posts.

Maintenance – Fence posts need to be maintained in even manners. A good coating of roof tar may be applied on the wooden posts to preserve them for years to come. It helps in saving them from moisture. Sodium Borate, Copper Azole and Alkaline Copper Quat may be used to preserve the wooden posts for prolonged years. These chemical preservatives enhance their life in a big way.

Steel-made posts need to be painted after few months and the process may be repeated after the set period of time. Painting them with quality paints saves the posts from rust and other damaging elements that reduce their life.

The above aspects related to fence posts may be kept in mind while fixing and maintaining them for prolonged periods of time.  

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