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Top 5 Functional Ways To Display Your House Number Plaque

Whenever you are living in a house like a condo or a villa, you need to use the house number plates in the UK so that any unknown person can recognize your residence easily. Number plaques are generally used to highlight the house number but sometimes, the plaques look so dull that they completely demean the aesthetic beauty of the outdoors. 

So, to help you out with your house number display on a plaque, here we have explained some of the amazing ways for keeping the plaque outside your house. 

Eco-friendly green grass plaque

One of the most functional ideas of installing a house number plate right outside the residence is by using a grass or green background in the plaque. You can choose the artificial grass since they won’t lose their green color or the fine texture despite being exposed to the outside environment for too long. If you want things to be more realistic, you can use the real grass but if that’s the case, you will have to water it every day and also manage the growth. Such house number plaques are perfect for those who have a lawn right behind the main gate. 

Going vintage with antique house plaque 

Based on the exterior designing of the house, you can use the vintage plaques which are available in different formats. You can use the curved plaques with silver or golden borders and a special design which symbolizes the previous times. These vintage plaques are made from metals, and hence they are highly durable and reliable too. 

Using pillars or fences as the background for attaching the plaque

If you have a humongous pillar right at the front of the deck or the patio, you can easily use the front visible section to attach the house number plaque and further beautify your house. The color combination of the plaques and the pillar should be contrasting so that the number can be clearly viewed even from a distance. It’s best to introduce the maximum level of contrast so that you can easily view the numbers. One of the innovative ways in which you can attach the numbers on the pillar wall is by introducing the backlit illumination. 

Illuminating the plaque with small lights

If you want to ensure that the numbers are easily visible even in the dark, the best way to do so is by introducing lights around the house number plaque. You can even introduce a LED lit frame around the numbers to highlight them further. Small panel lights or a pendant hanging light is also a good option when it comes to lighting up the plaques placed right outside the house. 

Even if these are a handful of innovative and functional ways to use the house plaques for identification and beauty enhancement, you can also create a difference with the help of different materials, designs, and colors. The choice will be completely yours, and so, make sure you get a house plaque that’s perfect for your residence.