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Is Vaping Better For You Than Smoking?

The world is indeed a crazy place to dwell in! Sometimes you will find people hovering upon just a single thing, and then when they find a better and easier replacement, they hop without a second thought. This is what exactly happened when vapers or vaping got introduced into the world of smokers.

But before getting knee-deep inside the clash of which is better for you and which is not, let’s first understand what vaping is? Vaping and smoking are closely related were people tend to inhale substances through a process of heating a certain pipe or material.

While smoking traditionally acquires rawness of the material to get burned for a better substance, vaping on the other hand, works with coils producing a certain type of aerosol that people inhale.

Vaping Vs. Smoking

While the world changes with time, introducing different smoking techniques creates more chaos in people’s minds. While both cigarettes and vaping pipes do contain nicotine, people often find vaping as a more liable solution to their problems. But certain factors define both smoking techniques as indifferent to each other.

  • Nicotine: While many argue that cigarettes and electronic cigarettes have a higher amount of nicotine present than the vapers or vaping substances. The fact is that both of the smoking devices and systems contain similar amounts of nicotine that is dangerous for health, but in electric cigars, the number of other substances such as lead, nickel and tin, and other cancerous substances that can make you ill. The difference is cigarettes got more than 7,000 chemicals and 69 of cancerous substances than the vapers.
  • Body degradation: If someone told you that having a vapor will keep you healthy, then they are surely wrong. Being “healthy” while smoking is an illusion that most of us choose to blank out.

While the electric cigars take time to make their way to poison your lung and heart, traditional cigars do their thing rather faster. E-cigarettes cause lung inflammation and affect the immune and heart, targeting some particular organs, while the cigarettes will damage all your organs.

The most rules out of electronic cigarettes or e-cigars are that the number of toxic elements is lesser than that in a traditional cigarette. Which perfectly works in favor of this vapor system of smoking. But the fact remains that e-cigarettes have some of the worst ingredients and metal that can cause similar body degradation in human-like traditional cigarettes. 

The most dangerous part of using an e-cigarette is the amount of heat the coils take in. Sometimes, the coil is present inside the heat of the cigar to a higher level resulting in blasting without any warning. There are some best e-liquid UK presents in the country who provide good quality e-cigars in the market.