Eminent Councilor Robert Turner Speaks Out On Sibling Misbehave In Families

Sibling abuse is common in some families, and this takes place when one child feels like they have no power in life.  This type of abuse causes power struggles between the kids in the household. Generally, this is due to the fact that they have mental health issues or are not mature enough to understand that this sort of behavior is wrong.

Robert Turner – An Expert Speaks On The Subject 

Dr. Robert Turner is a regular churchgoer and shares his faith by offering his skills and expertise to victims of abuse. These traumatic events can severely impact the life of a person and change it drastically. He believes that counseling and other forms of mental and physical health treatment can help the person heal and move forward in life.

He agrees that healing does not occur overnight, and counselors should continue to gradually monitor their patients towards progress.

Besides being a widely loved and respected counselor, he regularly joins his church’s socio-civic activities, like home improvement projects, food drives, and other types of community service. He feels happiness and fulfillment when he takes part in these deeds to assist and heal the less privileged individuals in society.

Bullying In The Family

According to him, there is another cause of sibling abuse, and this takes place when one child bullies a sibling. In some cases, a child can bully a sibling younger than him or her. A bully does not have to be physically stronger than the victim. There is something called psychological bullying, and this is just as harmful.

How Can This Problem Be Solved?

In the opinion of Robert Turner, the way one approaches the child-abusing the sibling affects how the help is received as many bullies do not want to stop their negative behavior. As a counselor, you cannot force the bully to stop what they are doing, making the situation worse. Instead, you should always discuss the issue with the parents of the bully, as talking helps to know and understand why the bully does it. Encouraging the family to resolve the issue as a team helps a lot.

According to him, when a counselor talks to the child who is the victim of sibling abuse, it often surfaces that they feel responsible for the bullying. A common cause for this feeling is the victim child could not stop their bully sibling from hurting them or causing them pain.

One vital aspect of family counseling in the above context is to ensure that everyone knows what healthy behavior should be. This will help them understand the difference between normal behavior and the behavior that should be changed.

Play therapy is a form of therapy that helps families resolve the issue of sibling abuse inside the home.  In this therapy, children can express their thoughts and feelings through art. There are other forms of treatment where the counselor might allow the elder sibling to win a game without hurting the younger child. This helps the older child, the bully, understand that situations can be controlled without hurting the other child.

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