Understanding Student Housing Commercial Real Estate With Nelson Partners

The student housing commercial real estate industry is a booming industry. This form of housing focuses on graduate and undergraduate students. It is widely popular because it generated a lot of interest from potential real estate investors even during the economic downturn. However, like every real estate investment, student housing has its pros and cons. So, it is important for one to know the market well before getting into such real estate investments.

Nelson Partners – Specialists In Student Housing

Nelson Partners is an esteemed real estate developer specializing in student housing. It was established in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, who has 14 years of experience in the industry. It has a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to offering significant student housing experience when it comes to acquiring, developing, financing, and managing real estate investments pertaining to student housing in the USA.

Should You Invest In Student Housing Properties?

One of the salient traits of student housing is that the lease is often given on the bed or the room and not the unit as a whole, unlike its other peers in the real estate market. Here, the accommodation is shared. With the advent of technology and other developments, student housing has wireless internet, kitchen appliances, full furnishings, and other modern amenities. Again, there are units that students can afford, and you can opt for them as well.

Profitable Venture

Investing in student housing is popular primarily for its marketability. When the property for student housing is located in one of the most popular sports in the city or the town, one generally does not have to advertise much to boost its occupancy manually. The main spots have easy access to restaurants, art galleries, nightlife, and malls. This means these establishments attract students from across the nation and world to rent the housing unit.

Bid Adieu To Advertisements

You save a lot of money when you invest in student housing as you no longer have to advertise in the market to get tenants. The properties are generally located near the university or college. They often sell by themselves, and so you have no headaches when it comes to getting tenants and their rent on time.

Speaking of rent, some owners of real estate properties assume that students can be difficult to rent. On the contrary, it has been seen they are responsible payers and ensure their rents are paid in time.

The biggest advantage of these properties is that students will pay, and they have a parent as their guarantor that poses no risks for collecting rent every month. This is one great thing according to Nelson Partners.

Moreover, students are long-term tenants. Most of them study for their associate degrees that last for two years or even an undergraduate course that might go up to five years. There is often a chance of them extending their stay if they decide to pursue their master’s or doctorate degrees. So, this means they are long-term tenants, and the income generated from the property will be consistent.

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