How Can You Do A Budget-Friendly Motorcycle Road Trip?

Hundreds and even thousands of adventurous souls will be packing for a motorcycle road trip because the corona has not only taken thousands of lives but devastated people emotionally. Some are hitting the road for this much-anticipated trip for enjoying the trek experience, some want to explore the awe-spiring beach views, others to visit some mesmerizing natural landmarks. Whatever your destination may be, the most enjoyable trip is the one that you do on a budget.

When preparing for a road trip, you always think that taking the latest expensive gadgets and equipment will make your trip more enjoyable. But in reality, you don’t really need them, you can do a road trip without needing to spend top dollar. You can manage your expenses if you wish to do a budget-friendly trip. Your tour costs mostly depend on where in the world you ride, where you are going to stay, what are you planning to eat, and how fast you travel. Here are some tips and tricks for making a long motorcycle trip on a budget.

Directions and routes:


First of all, you don’t need those expensive GPS devices for your trip, you can use your mobile phone or even a hard copy map to track your trip. Put your map or written directions into the clear pocket of your tank bag so that you have a quick reference guide right at your disposal. Once you have decided on your destination, the next big thing is which route would you take to reach that terminus. There will be long routes, short but rough roads, and off-road. You should pick the one that saves your fuel. 

Packing space/ Luggage options:

As with motorcycles, you have very limited space for packing your tour related and bike-related items. Although there is a famous adage, ‘less is more’ when it comes to packing, but still, you have to bring essentials for your road trip. If you have a dirt bike that did not come with luggage as standard or as an option, then you’ll need to look to the aftermarket. You should pick the luggage that best suits your trip and is affordable too to reduce the trip cost. 

There are many luggage options when it comes to enhancing the packing space of your vintage ride. Some people like to choose saddlebags others go for trunk bags. Some opt for backpacks other prefer sissy bar bags. Some people have a liking for tail bags others prefer buying tank bags. All these bags have different packing capacities and come with different features. It’s completely up to your personal preferences what to buy for your classic ride.  

Fuel expenditures:

For planning a budgetary road trip you should at least know the main categories that will take bigger or smaller cuts out of your budget. Talking about these categories, there are three main areas that cost the most fuel, food, and accommodations. If you somehow managed to reduce these costs, it will certainly help keep your budget in line. Reducing fuel cost is simple and straightforward, keep your motorcycle in top-notch condition and drive at a speed that best saves your fuel. Your way of traveling will greatly affect your tour budget.

Food cost:

Besides fuel, the next major expense you incur on a trip is the food cost. You can decrease or take down your trip charges by eating consciously. Doing more for yourself and being creative will save you some dollars. Bring some snacks with you and eat them when you feel hungry instead of eating every time in a restaurant. But if you stop at a restaurant, try to do the self-service. Another option is you can cook for yourself, which would be even more budgetary. For a road trip, it is true that saving money usually equals spending more time and doing more yourself. 

Spending on accommodation:

Although if you try to live on a strict budget and count every penny you spend will make your trip less enjoyable. You should try to travel low budget, but don’t count every dollar. Talking about accommodation, when on a trip you have cheap to highly expensive accommodation options. It’s up to you to decide, how much you want to spend on the accommodation. Moreover, bikers do have another more economical option of camping. Camping is not only cheap but gives a lot of adventurous experience. You just have to invest one time on a camp, sleeping bag, and a torch for setting accommodation that you can use for years to come. 

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