How To Choose Find The Best Bed And Breakfast Near Heathrow

If you plan to travel abroad for a holiday or for work, one of the most effective ways of you doing so is to simply drive to London Heathrow Airport in your car, stay overnight in a bed and breakfast near Heathrow which has a long term parking spot which you can avail, leave your car in said parking spot and leave freely for your vacation. This is why bed & breakfast near Heathrow are so popular. However, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that this does not go wrong. Here are some of them.

Note the Terminal

Remember that Heathrow is a massive airport with terminals separated by large distances. Note the terminal where you are required to board your flight and find a bed and breakfast close to that. Do not, by any chance, mix up terminals or you would have to spend panicky minutes in the morning as you desperately try to find transportation.

It is however, useful to note that in the event that you do not find an appropriate place near the terminal where you are boarding, the best way to reach your terminal in the morning is to simply go to the nearest terminal and ask the airport officials to give you a bus service.

Ask for Parking

If you are travelling with a car which you need parked safely during the period that you will be off, you need to find a bed and breakfast that also offers you with the right kind of car shelter. There are several such options that you will find near Heathrow, and therefore, it is important for you to find one such place so that you do not have to worry about finding a separate garage.


This is going to hurt a bit especially if you are not from London. Bed and breakfasts in London are expensive, and if you’re lucky you’ll get one that charges only about GBP 120 per night. If you’re unlucky, this amount could go up a lot higher, so make sure you know which place you are willing to go to. Note that your garage service will also cost you a similar amount of money depending on how long you will be off.

The Wakeup Call

Trust me; this is one of the most important things that you will need. If you are not woken up at the right time, you could overstay your welcome at the bed and breakfast and more importantly, miss your flight! Hence, ask the reception if they offer the wakeup call service.

Another thing to ensure is that the atmosphere is clean so that you do not catch any diseases such as bedbug bites and so on. This is highly unlikely, but it is still something that won’t hurt you to consider. There are several very well maintained bed and breakfasts in the area, and you can look most of them up on the internet.

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