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Effective Skin Care Tips for Travelers

If you’ve ever taken a vacation, chances are you’ve traveled by plane. Vacations can be very exciting and enjoyable, but they can easily become unpleasant when you experience irritation caused by dry skin. The following simple tips will help your skin stay hydrated and your vacation time enjoyable.

Drink plenty of water, non-caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. There is usually less than 25% moisture in a place, this is 10% less then the level of moisture found in the typical American home. Your skin loses a lot of moisture in these conditions. Therefore, I recommend you drink two glasses of eight ounces of water more than you normally would. I know this is not easy as it was – you can buy bottled water after they have passed through the TSA security check. It ‘important to drink water, in its purest form. Staying away from other beverages with alcohol and caffeine content, they can contribute to dehydration.

Give your legs a stretch, visiting the bathroom every hour to splash some water on my face. Not only did the short walk good for the circulation, water is another way to keep your skin hydrated.

Then moisturize after splash your face with water, rub in some moisturizer and let it “dry” to better absorb into your skin. Just remember that airport security does not allow solutions in a bottle larger than three ounces.

In addition, replenish the moisture in your eyes and the nasal passage by taking a spray over-the-counter nasal and eye drops. Airplane air dries these areas, so be sure to fill it often.

Once you have landed in sunny, warm destination, remember to apply sunscreen liberally and often, as in every three to four hours on bare skin. Sunscreen with UVA and UVB rays protect your skin against burns, which can also dry your skin out.

Taking care of your skin while on vacation will help make your holiday even more enjoyable from start to finish!

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