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Garcinia Cambogia – An Ayurvedic Treatment

In India the oldest traditional method of healing is the ayurvedic treatment. It is very effective as well as completely natural. The word ayuevedic is made up of two Sanskrit words namely the first one is ‘ayar’ that means life and the second word is ‘Veda’ which means knowledge.

As we most preferably follow the phrase which says ‘prevention is better than cure’ and this phrase is purely fulfilled by the ayurvedic treatment which treats you before you face any type of health issue. One of it is the treatment of overweight condition and obesity by the use of the natural medicine known as garcinia cambogia h.c.a. this is a very effective medicine having no side effects.

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Garcinia cambogia is an ayurvedic medicine which has very popularly been used throughout India for the unwanted weight loss. Thus medicine works in the reduction of build up connected with liquid inside fat cells. It also reduces your desire of food and feel of hunger. This medicine is effectively enables to reduce the lipid quantity. The role of lipid in the body is to adjust the food cravings by signalling your body whenever you have fully feasted yourself. If lipid concentration is more in the body you feel hungrier and as a result you consume more food which is one of the main causes of becoming overweight. Thus this medicine reduces the lipid concentration as well as your hunger desire. The garcinia cambogia extract is provided as an herbal tea, in a capsule or tincture, etc.

This product also reduces the glycogen production. The fruit from which it has been derived is itself complex in nature, and is almost like a pumpkin but of small size. Due to its bitter taste it is not consumed directly, but as a flavouring agent in the Indian food. The calcium salt of HCA commonly abbreviated as hydroxyl citric acid represents the garcinia cambogia extract. And this is why it behaves as a diet enhancing pill as well as a calorie burning enhancer.

What does the test say?

The tests carried out on garcinia cambogia till date shows that HCA is not at all harmful, it does not attack the brain as the other anti – hunger drugs do, which has a very adverse effect on the brain. Rather it may help the liver signal the brain whenever adequate amount of food has been eaten. It is also a supplement for the energy required by the body as well. And additionally it also helps in the process of breakdown of fats and reduction of cholesterol.

When the tests are performed on the animals it shows slimming of the animals in its result. Whereas the tests doesn’t gives the same result in the case of humans. While some of the tests show that the people using the garcinia cambogia h.c.a shows loss of twice or thrice of their weight as compared to those people who are supplied with the placebo.

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