How To Become A Certified Blockchain Expert?

Today, blockchain professionals have the strongest career opportunities. The global demand for blockchain professionals increased to 517% year over year, says a report by a recruitment company Hired. The opportunity for blockchain engineers in the market is said to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.

The demand for blockchain professionals are skyrocketing. This technology offers a great potential for businesses today. Companies such as IBM and Deutsch Bank are looking to explore blockchain. In terms of employment, it’s a seller market offering huge job opportunities. However, the supply for talent is still a concern as there is a dearth of talent. Blockchain technology is a powerful technology that is changing the lives of many people today. Off late it is one of the hottest topic in the market. But a KPMG report states that the hype for blockchain is gradually fading away because businesses have started learning what the technology is about and what it can be capable of.

However, the adoption of this technology is increasing steadily from near about 1% of organizations running pilot projects to 3.3% in the previous year, says Gartner. Plus, this technology did not offer much of a revolution as expected, although it helped business in sectors like recall mitigation, fraud, and has reduced costs as well, says KPMG. It is evident that businesses and companies will continue exploring the expansion of blockchain throughout the year.

Although the demand keeps exceeding, it is still a challenge for businesses to find the right talent.  The graduates of today are seen to show interest in blockchain, since they have witnessed the rise of Bitcoin. The report also states that fresher graduates or recent experienced professionals do not require to be technology experts, however there are certain skills that a candidate should possess.

These are the top skills that are in demand by the industry today:

  • Solidity – Major technology skill required to create smart contracts while working on Ethereum network.
  • Ripple – Ripple development, a payment protocol that helps in distributed process for payments, exchanges, and remittances.
  • Hyperledger Fabric – It is an enterprise blockchain framework that is specifically used for modularity and scalability.

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, it is advisable for one to have extensive knowledge in business acumen, data analysis, technology knowledge, and have a mentality as of a hacker. Professionals skilled in blockchain are said to have the highest paying jobs in financial companies such as Visa and Bank of America. In the U.S., a blockchain developer is said to earn salary package of $130k per annum, a report from Computerworld.

As the technology ripens, the demand for certified blockchain expert will increase as companies are looking to hire expert professionals.

The best way for candidates to demonstrate their skills is by gaining credible blockchain certifications. Earning a certification is a proof of skills one can demonstrate to employers. Apart from certification one should practice their skills by taking up projects available online. It is of great help for the candidate to stay aware of features of blockchain such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Are you ready to disrupt blockchain and become a certified blockchain expert?

No doubt blockchain technologies are booming in the industry and more than ever companies are looking to hire expert candidates in blockchain expertise. These are some of the best blockchain certifications that is available at your disposal – Blockchain Training Alliance, Central Blockchain Council of America, and Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium.

Although the technology has faced criticism due to the issues regarding scalability and the speed, it did garner a huge support from the U.S. market.

Today, professionals must either upskill and move ahead with the trend or choose to remain stagnant.

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