How To Register For Employees’ Provident Fund Registration Online?

EPF or Employees Provident Fund happens to be a scheme under the Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 and Provident Funds of Employees. Regulated under the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization or EPFO’s purview, it happens to be one of the largest and huge Social Security Organizations of the world concerning clientele and financial transactions’ volume undertaken. Employees Provident Fund happens to be a normal benefit to an employee during his retirement which is provided by the company or organization.

EPF Registration for Employers’ Applicability

EPF registration happens to be mandatory for all the establishments. It happens to be a factory engaged in the industry that consists of about 20 or more persons. Additionally, it also consists of the establishment with employee strength of more than 20 persons. Mentioned below are the steps to register for Employees’ Provident Fund Registration from the Internet. To proceed with EPF register process, keep reading on.

STEP 1: Registering the organization with the EPFO

You require visiting the website and registering the organization with the EPFO. Visit the home page and click on the option termed as ‘ESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATION’.

STEP 2: Read User Manual Thoroughly

Upon then, you require waiting for a couple of seconds until the next page is loaded. Here, you will get the ‘INSTRUCTION MANUAL’ option. The new user should download and then read the instruction carefully right ahead of proceeding with the registration process.

STEP 3: Registering DSC

The next thing that you require doing is logging with the essential credentials, meaning the UAN or Universal Account Number as well as the password. This manual of the instruction will explain the entire process of the Employer Registration followed by the registration of Digital Signature Certificate or DSC of Employer. It is pre-requisite to get the DSC registered with the submission of the fresh application for the ERF registration.

STEP 4: Filling the Details of the Employer

The next thing that you need to do is to tick on the option that says ‘I have read the instruction manual’. Upon then, you require clicking the ‘REGISTER BUTTON’ which will be given below. It will take a couple of seconds to open the new page that will have the essential details of the employer. This requires filling properly.

STEP 5: Filling the Correct Details

  • Right upon the completion of the aforementioned steps, you would require filling the correct details which have been mentioned right below.
  • The first name alongside the middle and the last name should be entered correctly. As a matter of fact, in case any variance occurs in the name, it will straight lead to rejection of the form.
  • You must enter the employer’s PAN after which you will get a message showing that the employer is not registered. The PAN will be verified and the online application will hence be permitted.
  • You need to choose the username according to your preference.
  • You also require getting the Pin number on the same mobile number registered. You need to tap on the ‘I agree to the above declaration’ option.
  • You will be sent an e-mail link which would say that you are activated for enabling the submission of the form.

To know about the document required, keep reading on.

Documents Required

  • Applicant’s Name
  • PAN Card
  • Driving license, Passport, Voter Card
  • Address proof
  • Telephone number
  • Residential address proof, other essential documents

Wrap up

There are rarely any debt products which can offer high return alongside safety as well as assurance. Hence, it would be better to transfer PF account right during the switching of the job. This will let you avoid the temptation for withdrawing the respective amount.

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