Online Proctored Exam – Instilling Integrity In ELearning

ELearning has opened several doors of opportunities for millions all around the world who were deprived of the facility to gain knowledge through bachelor’s or master’s degree programs.

The beauty about humans which makes them superior from animals is the ability to learn, however, there are many people residing in remote locations who are not able to gather knowledge and learn about what interests them. Although, with eLearning, things are changing for better as now, it is possible to pursue educational programs from the comfort of your home.

But, as they say, that nothing is perfect, there is a downside to eLearning which is a lack of integrity in the assessment system. This is a common known fact that humans are prone to cheating and if they are left alone during an online exam, there are zero chances for them to not get involved in fraudulent activities. Nevertheless, this issue has been taken care of through the introduction of online proctoring.

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring is maintaining the honor of eLearning by curbing students from taking outside help during an online assessment. After all, there are countless universities offering online courses that have made eLearning an industry worth more than $100 billion.

For those who do not know, an online proctored exam can be defined as a technique that ensures the authenticity of a test taker by preventing him or her from making a wrong move through a proctor who is present throughout the test.

In a typical online proctored exam, the candidate installs the software on their computer. On the onset of the test, the application evaluates the computer as well as the webcam. The candidate is required to confirm their identity by showcasing the ID through the camera. They can also get their identity verified vi facial recognition. Over and above, at times, the test taker is needed to type some short phrase to get the keystrokes analyzed.

In some cases, a password that is known only by the invigilator (Proctor) is applied to start the online proctored exam. This way, the proctor gains more control over the assessment process. During the test, a lockdown technique is also used in order to prevent the candidate from browsing on the web. So basically, it minimizes the chances of any dishonest activities.

Also, when the assessment is being taken, a camera is placed to record all every move of the student. There are some proctoring systems where a designated proctor keeps an eye over the test taker in real time via webcam. In such instances, the proctor is able to monitor every movement and other behaviors of the candidates to bar them from cheating.

Following the Online Proctored Exam, a report is created and in case of automated proctoring, the software identifies the behavior which indicates fraud which the faculty reviews later on.

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