Kalstar Aviation Online Flight Reservation

Travelling in the airlines means you need to select only the most trusted carrier. You need to have the assurance that your travel is smooth and safe. Apart from the basic necessities, your journey should also be pleasant. Hence, you have to do a good research before selecting the airlines that you want to travel with.

The name of the company, Kalstar aviation, has originated from combining of the 2 words that is Kalimantan or Borneo and the star. The name reflects the vision and the mission of the owners to be the best and star airline of the Kalimantan Island. This aviation company was started in 2000. Today, it serves the services routes which cover different remote parts of the areas such as Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan and Java.

The Kal star aviation is the medium services Indonesian airline which has it’s headquarter in Serpong. The company has been listed in the 2nd category by Otoritas Penerbangan Sipil Indonesia for its flight safety quality. The much quoted advertisement slogan of Kalstar Aviation Company is” fly smart with us” for the customers. The vision of the company owners is to be the best airline company in various terms such as passenger service, routes and the other services. The company also intends to be the best in terms of providing safety and the competitive fares to the customers. The Kal Star Aviation Company has mapped out the best cost – effective strategy for offering the inexpensive flight tickets to the customers and the regular promo flights to increase the customer base.

History of Kal Star Aviation Company

In 2000 year, the aviation company started its operation under the name of PT Kal Star Nusantara in Kalimantan Island in partnership with a private national airline company.  After some time, when the company saw lot of opportunities in Kalimantan Island, it started work independently. Since its beginnings, the aviation company operated the aircrafts such as Fokker F28 which were rented from the Peilta Air. After establishing its routes, the management decided to purchase and operate its own aircrafts on the route.

After lot of efforts and work on the part of the management, Kal Star Aviation Company became a scheduled airline company in 2007, which operated ATR 42-300 for the flights. The company chose various routes, which are not so popular in various areas such as Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan and Java. Unlike other routes, these routes are not connected by roads or any other land transportation. The inaugural flight of this aviation company was from Pontianak to Sintang in 2010. If you travel from Pontianak to Sintang by bus, you will require 8 hours to reach to your destination. By flight, it will take just 35 minutes to reach at the destination. This is one of the important parts of the mission of the aviation company. It is to contribute to the economic betterment of the remote areas by provide easy transportation and gain the interest of the investor in these areas.

Uniform of the Flight Attendants of the company

The uniform of the flight attendants is elegant yet high-spirited. It is a dynamic combination of the long skirt and orange batik blouse. A touch of blue color adds the sophisticated look to the neck and the arms.

If you want to travel in class and style you know you have to hop on to this carrier. Safety and style go hand in hand with Kalstar aviation online flight reservation. The easy booking facilities offer added advantage of convenience to your whole travel plan.

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