Knowing About The Different Types Of Static Caravans

Static caravans can be defined as tiny prefabricated homes that can be moved from one place to another. These are much more affordable when compared to traditional homes yet are capable of possessing the same functionality. Due to the high-usability and minimalist nature of static caravans, many people are showing interest in it.

However, buying static caravans is a significant investment in your life. It would help if you were well-informed about the different options available before making the purchase. Here is a list of different types of static caravans for sale:-

  • Single Unit

    It is a single unit home, which is also transported in one piece. They typically have a width between 10-12ft and a length of 45ft. These are mostly used for temporary stays of one or two people. However, depending on the number of bedrooms, more people can live inside it. The area of these caravans can be expanded by adding a deck area once they are sited.

  • Twin Unit

    These are built-in sections with wheels on the base, and then they are both joined together to give the finished look. They are larger than the single-unit static caravans for sale and ideally constructed on-site. They can be used as permanent homes and are a great option for growing families.

  • Lodge

    These can be a single or twin unit static caravan with the exterior of a log cabin. They are mostly sighted in parks and private properties. It is a luxurious option, which can come with more floor area and overall improved aesthetics.

  • Park Home

    These are popularly used as permanent family homes. They come with more insulation, which means they are energy efficient. They often look like bungalows and are recognized as mobile homes.

  • Roughcast

    It is yet another park home with a different exterior. They usually have brighter colors and textures, which can be visually appealing for some people.

  • Weather-Based Caravans

    You would find summer and winterized caravans, depending on the weather of the place. These are mostly found in holiday parks and operated during a specific time of the year. For example, the summer-based caravans have additional ventilation, whereas the winterized ones are insulated more.

Now that you know about different static caravans, you can make the right choice suiting your requirements and preferences. Ensure to contact experienced professionals for purchasing the caravans. Take a close look at all the models before selecting the right one.