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The Beauty And Importance Of Photographs

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is well known for his controversial points of view. In recent times, he’s discussed the size and body shapes of models, his thoughts on celebrity culture and his (effusive) love for his dog.

He also said the following about photographs:

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Whilst many people have considered how important photographs are, Lagerfeld does put it extremely well. This is the reason that photographs are taken at weddings, christenings, parties, and special occasions as well as throughout everyday life.

Without the photograph, it wouldn’t be possible to invoke the memory of the special day, to remember the way the occasion felt and to recall the exact smells and sounds of the moment when the photograph was taken.

For many people, the beauty of a photograph is storing it lovingly in an album which they can open when they’re feeling particularly nostalgic to remember the sights, sounds and smells of a particular day or occasion. However, for others keeping photographs locked away in an album seems like a shame. They believe the photograph should be kept on display to remind them all the time of that happy time. There’s really no right or wrong answer but if the photograph in question draws a smile every time it is seen, it seems like a shame to put a limit on the smiles. believes that some of the best gifts are those made from photographs.

The beauty of photographs is that they can be put and printed onto anything – from mugs and clocks, to mouse mats and t-shirts. A further beauty is that there isn’t a single person who doesn’t have something they love. From their pets to their children and grandchildren – the photograph gift is the perfect universal present which is suitable for everyone.

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