The Benefits Of AI In Custom Software Development

Does Machine Learning Help Produce More Efficient Coders? 

With artificial intelligence on the rise, how could AI-powered software development tools be of benefit to your coders? 

The market for AI-powered software development is growing significantly, with new businesses in this sector raising $704 million over the past year alone. Deloitte has published a report on assisted software development which provides an insight into the clear advantages of combining artificial intelligence with coding. Whilst AI was originally the result of coding, the process has now come full circle so that artificial intelligence is used to great effect to create code too. 

Increased Efficiency 

There are many benefits for incorporating AI within your next custom software development project, but it begins with efficiency. Software development tools which are driven by artificial intelligence, aim to reduce the number of errors or incorrect keystrokes that a coder types, with the overall result being that the coder needs to type only 50% as many keys to achieve a perfect piece of coding. In this way, AI works in a similar way to spelling or grammar checkers that have been the norm in word processing packages for decades. 

Bug Detection 

Manual coding always comes with a risk of creating bug-ridden software, especially with the popularity of using open source coding. But when AI is deployed, it can spot potential bugs during the code writing process to ensure that these discrepancies are dealt with and removed before they make it into your final software copy. 

Filling Talent Gaps 

The benefits of using artificial intelligence in combination with custom software development also extend to the training of new coders within your organisation. AI can assist entry-level coders by pointing out mistakes as they write their code, whilst reviewing the finished product for quality assurance to provide you with maximum peace of mind that your final software copy is clean. Used in this way, artificial intelligence can assist in closing talent gaps, particularly if you have IT professionals who are highly skilled in other areas, such as database development and need assistance refining their coding technique. 

Project Timelines 

As we’re seeing in other sectors, artificial intelligence can be used to improve efficiency in multiple areas, including project management. The telecoms firm, Orange recently utilised an AI project management tool which automated timelines to stay on track. This is a feature that coders could certainly make use of to stick to tight deadlines and turn out rapid copy for the benefit of their customers. 

Assisting Not Replacing 

Most debates about AI are focused on whether or not machine learning will ever replace the need for humans and therefore eradicate some of their jobs. In the case of custom software development, AI is very much seen as a technology that augments the process rather than a straight switch from humans to computers. 

Companies who are prepared to invest in AI-driven software development tools will notice enormous benefits for their customers, including the delivery of bug-free copy at a faster rate than pure manual coding will allow. These efficient improvements will mean that the customer receives better value for money which can only be a positive thing for software development companies.

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