The Concept Of Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOIP or voice over internet protocol –

This technology is a group of technologies that are assembled together for the best utilizations of the technologies. The Internet protocol is used in this case to deliver the multimedia sessions and also voice communications. There are many other elements of this technology such as –

  • Internet telephony
  • IP communications
  • Broadband phone service etc

The technology is designed to provide services such as voice calls, voice message, SMS, video conferencing through the Internet. The alternative of this technology is the Public switched telephone network (PSTN). Public switched telephone networks are used in the general telephone calls and boots. All the networks are connected through Public switched telephone network while this technology internet is the medium and hence is very cheap compared to public switched telephone network services.

These technologies are very popular among companies and corporate sectors and they are using these technologies in their workplace. There are various advantages of using these technologies. Corporate companies use these to address client meetings, deals etc. This is the reason why in the last few years the emergence of this technology has been very high and in the current world is ruling this sector of communications.

Voice over internet protocol in phones –

There are many companies worldwide that provide VOIP phone to the customers all over the world and these VOIP phones are very popular in the market. The phones are designed in such a way that complete utilization of the technology can be achieved. There are many things that VOIP Phones offer to the users. Like any other normal phones, these phones are also equipped with speakers, microphones and earphones that enable conference in offices. Both keypads and touch pads are installed on these phones. VOIP phone is connected through the internet and that is why easily accessible and very simple is. The computers can be connected to these phones through Ethernet ports. There are also AD and DA converters in these phones and they enable the convergence of voice into data’s. These features of these phones are designed in such way that corporations and offices can utilize these phones as much as they can.

There are also many other features of these VOIP phones that are also present in the old traditional phones. Features such as caller ID are very important and is present. Speed dial is also presented in these phones. Conference calls are also there and multiple calls can be easily done in these phones. Call holds service and call transfer services are also there in these phones. There are also many other attractive features such as weather reports. News etc are there in these phones. This technology is supported in smart phones, windows phone etc and that is why the demands of these phones are very high in the world market and there are various companies that are manufacturing these phones and marketing those all over the world and in the process has been very much successful worldwide. There are popular applications such as skype and Google talk that are very famous all over the world.

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