6 Reasons To Make A Move To Cloud Hosting

If your website is hosted on a shared plan, and you have started noticing performance issues with the expansion of your website, it may be a signal that your website needs a new hosting solution. And, if you are looking for a host that provides the most bang for your bucks, Cloud Hosting may be the best bet for you, especially in the long run. 

Before moving on to the benefits of Cloud Hosting, it is important to understand the underlying mechanism and structure of Cloud Server Hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting works by storing the website data on multiple physical servers. The data storage is powered through multiple servers rather than a single physical server as is the case with most traditional hosting. The data is stored on multiple servers through data mirroring, so even if a server malfunctions it can easily be restored by another server.

Reasons to move to a Cloud Hosting

  1. Scalability: With Cloud Hosting plans, you can instantly allocate more resources to your websites such as RAM, memory and bandwidth. You can seamlessly scale up the resources even during peak hours when your website experiences a surge in traffic. This would be highly beneficial for e-commerce websites during sale seasons.
  2. Security: Traditional hosting remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, with your website hosted with Cloud Hosting, you can be rest assured that your data is in safe hands. Cloud Hosting providers offer advanced storage solutions like Ceph that mirror your data in real-time across three separate locations. Thus, when the primary server fails, the data is restored from the secondary server. 
  3. Cost-effective: With a Dedicated Server, you may be paying for services and resources which you are not using. However, with a Cloud Hosting plan, you get seamless scalability. So you can buy a basic plan and scale up in tune with business growth. This flexibility of Cloud Hosting makes it a cost-effective solution for your hosting needs.
  4. Better reliability: With Cloud Hosting, you get better reliability and higher uptime for your website. As the data is stored on multiple servers, it can be fetched with ease even if some of the servers are not working.
  5. Better performance: Cloud Server Hosting improves your website’s loading time, consequently improving user experience, both of which are important determining factors from an SEO perspective. The robust environment of Cloud Hosting enables your website to climb up the search engine ladder.


Small and medium enterprises looking to host their resource-intensive website online can surely go with a Cloud Server Hosting plan. In addition to the 6 major benefits of Cloud Hosting listed above, it can be your little contribution to a greener environment. Cloud Hosting is accepted as an environment-friendly option as it eliminates the wastage of resources by dedicating a single physical server to one website. However, it is important to select a good Cloud Hosting provider rather than running after the cheapest hosting plan.

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