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It isn’t wrong to say that today’s world is driven by technology. One of the areas where technology has become an integral part is security, both of homes and businesses. Surprisingly enough, when we talk about security and technology in this article, we don’t mean cybersecurity. Today we are going to discuss about how technological advancements have made door control systems an indispensable part of security nowadays. There is truly no better way to safeguard your premises. Door security systems have become more and more sophisticated as the years have gone by. It started with a simple electronic keypad which would be able to secure a single door and it has now turned to a complex and extensive network of security systems which can guard multiple rooms across multiple floors and are controlled via remote access which is given to certain authorized people only. The ability to be controlled by remote access helps modern day systems avoid human errors and also helps us in saving a significant amount of money. The most difficult part of a control system is designing it as one has to keep a lot variables the mix. It isn’t something which can be redesigned easily either as it becomes both costly and unsafe. Here are a few basics which you can keep in mind:

  • Mode of Authentication

Most control systems these days offer a variety of different permutations and combinations of keypads, card readers, locking hardware, access cards, touch pads, and biometrics. You may choose a single mode of authentication, or a combination of any or all of these. When compared to normal codes and passwords, authentication via cards is more robust as they are quite difficult to fake. This is why most financial institutions generally use card readers while many normal storage facilities use codes or passwords. The strongest form of authentication available today is biometrics. However, it is quite expensive as well and is used only for areas with high confidentiality.

  • The use of Wires

In line with most technologies available today, control systems have two main variants: wired systems and wireless systems. Experts have debated for far too long over which system is the better one, while most consumers and sellers base their preferences on more subjective reasons. The choice ultimately rests with the scope of your security system and the size of your facility.

Most control systems which are wired will allow access and control to various floors, zones, and even buildings which are connected to one central power source. This results in you getting access to a very large expanse of area with the click of a single button in the control room. Also, you don’t have to think about different issues with compatibility, as is the case when installing a wireless system. However, two of the biggest hurdles which plague the wired systems are the cost of installation and a proper layout of wires. The initial setup is quite costly and if there is a slight mistake in the layout, it can hamper the entire system. Wireless systems can’t cover a considerable area, they are quite affordable.

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