Top Entertainment Locations In Sri Lanka

Located in the northern Indian Ocean, off the South east coast of the Indian Subcontinent in Southern Asia. Sri Lanka is basically a small interesting island country that borders both the Maldives Island and the India subcontinent, thus acting as a prime gate away and entertainment destination to any passionate tourist and every enthusiastic traveler out there. Sri Lanka as it is renowned has so much to offer to everybody who desires to adventure and to entertain them to the fullest. Depending on what interest you most, Sri Lanka is rich and characterized with so much that ranges from natural to historic features as well as man-made features such as the beaches, Museums, wildlife, trails, parks to hotels as well as various events and activities like surfing, hiking, hot air ballooning, scuba diving and a nightlife that will certainly keep you preoccupied during your visit to this great Island. Actually, if you desire to have some fun filled moments then it is high time you secure yourself a Sri Lanka visa, travel to Sri Lanka and entertain yourself to the fullest. Some of the most renowned entertainment destination here comprises of places such as;

•R. Premadasa Stadium

Located in Colombo, R Premadasa Stadium is the largest cricket grounds in this island. Therefore, if you are a fan of cricket, then this is the places to be. A land that is renowned for its massive interest in cricket, while here you will definitely entertain yourself as a cricket lover. This place offers the chance to watch both day and night matches. Furthermore, this stadium is a historical place to all the sub continent cricket lovers, it acts both as an entertaining spot while watching the sport, while at the same time you can visit the small Galleria to travel back in history as you get to meet some of the big guns of Sri Lanka cricket.


Kandy is a picturesque historical town that was the last strong hold of the Kandyan Kings. Currently, it is the cultural sanctuary where age old traditional customs are performed, arts and crafts, as well as various rituals and historical ways of life, are preserved. Kandy being a town is full of lots of interesting entertainment spots to relax and visit such as the UNESCO listed temple of the Tooth sometimes known as Sri Dalada Maligawa. This place shelters some of the most interesting sacred relics of Buddha. Similarly, this town hosts various events such as Esala Perahera and the annual festival of the glittering elephants, drummers, and dancers.


This place is regarded as Sri Lanka adventure capital that is tucked away within the ravines in the hilly countryside. This place offers numerous adrenaline junkies and events that comprise of activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, trekking in the rain forest not to mention the opportunity to go for white water rafting if you want to experience a real rush and an entertaining moment and experience in the wild Kelani river.


This beach might have seen better days, but it is still regarded as one of the most interesting beaches to enjoy yourself while in Sri Lanka.While here you will not only be able to engage in activities such as snorkelling and diving but the place will take you through a glimpse of this islands thriving coral reefs and various sea inhabitants as you get to explore the underwater caves to see the barnacled ship wrecks, participate in kite surfing, water skiing among host of other water sports that are available here.

•Udawale National park

If you need to entertain yourself by watching some of the Sri Lanka’s abundant wildlife, much of which are very rare across the globe. Actually while in this national park you will witness the sight of some of the rarest species of birds as well as catch a glimpse of Elephants, deers, Leopards, bears, porcupines, monkeys as well as wild boars to mention just but a few.

•Dutch Forte of Gale

This place is characterized by so many interesting places and activities to see and to participate in. It is characterized with colonial villas, and atmospheric streets in the striking Dutch fort of Galle, a UNESCO site. Its streets are lined with so many hotels and colonial villas. And huge literary festivals. Basically, Galle is also a center for crafts which include ebony carving, gem polishing as well as lace making.

The above mentioned places are just but a handful of top interesting destination that one can enjoy themselves in while in Sri Lanka. Therefore if you desire to see more breath-taking and interesting places, events and activities then seek for a Sri Lanka visa and you will be amazed.

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