5 Tempting Reasons To Visit Melbourne

Australia is an island country which is well known for the beautiful coastal areas, adorable flora and fauna, superb weather and the endearing quasi- British accents which are very fascinating. These are just some few reasons why most people feel tempted to visit this city. Melbourne is a city in the state of Victoria in the South East region of Australia. This city is known as the sporting and cultural capital of Australia. The city is highly visited by both the local and the international tourist. Here are some of the reasons why most people feel tempted to visit Melbourne:

Fabulous foods

· The Melbourne food and wine festival is one thing which tempts most people to visit this city. The festival is between late February and March. This city is well known as the melting pot for different cultures.

· Melbourne is best known for the world’s best margherita pizza. This place has great restaurants which are highly recognized and listed top in Australia. The foods and wines offered are great and they attract lots of tourist from different parts of the world. Some of the great restaurants include; shyun, Vue de Monde, Sarti, Vanilla Orchid and many more.


· This is the best shopping destination in Australia. People who love to spend are highly attracted to Melbourne. The city is filled with unique boutiques, bustling shopping centers and gorgeous arcade architecture.

· It is believed that the best way to shop is mainly by precinct rather than by product and this city is full of great precincts. This city can tempt any types of shopaholics.

City Trams

· The trams that run through this city are one of the easiest ways to transverse the city. A tram is a rail vehicle which runs on tracks along public urban streets and it sometimes it also runs on separate right of way. The free city circle tram in Melbourne links many tourist destinations throughout the CBD and it runs for every 12 minutes. One can also enjoy the extended hours over the weekend when most people are free to enjoy and explore. This is another reason why one will get tempted to get to Melbourne.

Diverse Museum

· There are very many museums to visit in Melbourne which include; National Sports Museums, ACMI, National Gallery of Victoria, Immigration Museums, Melbourne Museum and many more. One can be able to see the different cultural and historical buffs. The different museums show different things like history of policing and crime in Victoria, military aircraft and many more.

Festivals and Films

· There are lot of festivals in this city which include the Melbourne Film Festivals, Melbourne Comedy Festivals, Best Spring Garden Festivals, Diwali Celebrations and many more. It also hosts over 62,000 live music concerts every year. There are various venues such as the Forum Theatre, Melbourne Convection and Exhibition Center where some of these festivals are hosted. These festivals highly tempt most people to visit this city.

These are the main reasons why people are tempted to visit Melbourne to enjoy these great and amazing things. If you want to experience a great time in Australia, get your Australian visas and head to Melbourne to enjoy these facilities. Melbourne is the place to be especially during the holiday or the vacations.

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