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Top Tips To Make Your Garage Doors Last Longer

Garage doors – this simple yet crucial piece of machinery has been assisting humans since time immemorial. With time it has gone through a lot of technological enhancements but in the end, they are prone to electromechanical failures if one is not careful enough.

That stated, ensuring that the garage doors you have in your place of business or in your home stay operational for years to come is easy. All you would need to do is to follow the tips mentioned in the sections below!

Keep the tracks of the garage door clean

The tracks of a typical garage door need periodic cleaning.

It is best that you get in touch with a reliable company that deals in the supply, installation and servicing of both domestic and industrial garage doors. They will be able to point you towards the right cleaning product.

Also, do not forget to lubricate the tracks after you have cleaned them. In this way, you will ensure that the garage door operates smoothly every time for a long time!

Periodically replace the weather seal

The weather seal of a typical garage door of a place of business or home has a simple job – to keep natural elements like rain, snow and dust from entering into the garage. The weather seal is located at the bottom of the door. Inspect it often. If you see that it has developed cracks or has become brittle, replace it ASAP!

Do not even attempt to do it by yourself. Call a professional team associated with the servicing and maintenance of domestic or industrial garage doors, for the best results!

Ensure that the garage door is properly balanced

How can you do that!? Well, at first, you would need to disconnect the garage door from the opener. Then move the garage door halfway up (or down) manually. The door should now rest in its current position. If it fails to do so and comes down on its own then the garage door is not balanced.

What to do now!?

You can’t fix it yourself – that’s for sure. Call up a team of professionals that are associated with the servicing and maintenance of garage doors. They will fix it up in no time and that too without bleeding you dry – financially that is!

Ensure that the auto-reverse feature works properly

Modern-day garage doors have a built-in safety feature that prevents it from closing fully if a person, object or animal is in its way. Sensors and cameras are behind it all! 

Ensure that this safety feature is functional. All you would need to do is place a brick or any inanimate object beneath the garage door. Press the close button. If the garage door goes back up as soon as it touches the object, the safety feature is functioning properly. 

If that is not the case and the door closes completely then you would need to call the professionals and get the safety system fixed!

Apart from following the tips mentioned in the above sections, do not forget the following simple fact. You would need to subject the garage doors in your property to professional inspections after every 2 years or so. And about the tips mentioned above – be sure to follow all of them every six months. In this way, you will be able to address issues even before they manifest! Need more convincing!?

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