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Why A Patient Require Kidney Transplantation?


We often come across different medical issues in our body. It is possible to treat certain minor diseases by merely visiting a physician and taking medicines. But, the same is not valid for complex situations. Some critical conditions require surgeries, and some may call for an organ transplant.

The surgeons plan for an organ transplant when any organ in the human body stops performing its function. Now, talking specifically about kidney, when and why do you require a kidney transplant? 

Reasons for Kidney Transplantation:

Kidneys are an essential part of the body responsible for waste removal. Apart from that, they are also responsible for blood filtering. It filters almost 45 gallons of blood each day. Now, if any disease stops the kidney from the execution of its purpose, the consequence is kidney failure. It is because of the waste build up and extra fluids in the body that lead to a high rise in blood pressure. 

Now, there are only two possible solutions for kidney failure. The patient must either undergo frequent dialysis or under  Kidney TransplantationMost of the surgeons prefer Kidney transplant over dialysis because of the better results of the treatment. Dialysis is more like a temporary solution in case of failure, whereas the outcome of kidney transplant is a longer and better life.

The life of a patient undergoing a kidney transplant is almost double to those who prefer dialysis. Also, dialysis involves higher complications. Most of the time, the patient undergoing dialysis periodically, suffer from anaemia. It is because of fewer red blood cells in the body. Now, if the problem increases the condition may lead to heart failure.

On the other side, kidney transplant for kidney diseases has several benefits. Some of them are:

  • Unlike dialysis, the patient does not require to visit the clinic every week.
  • The person can get back to routine life.
  • There are not many complications in kidney transplantation, and the success rate is very high.
  • You will not bear severe health issues in the long-term. Talking about the short term, you have fewer restrictions during the recovery period. After that, you can live your life freely without any significant changes in physical activities.
  • Kidney transplant often results in higher energy levels.

Now,  the top concerns before undergoing any treatment are the best hospital & the cost. India has some of the best kidney transplant hospitals. Kidney transplant in India is available across many high-range and mid-range hospitals in the country. Also, the Total Cost of Kidney Transplant in India is nominal. You do not have to worry about the costs to get the kidney transplantation when you are in India. The offer is not only valid for residents of the country but medical tourists also. Hence, you can be tension free while exploring options the Best Kidney Transplantation in India. 

Final Words:

Dialysis should be a choice for a patient, in case he does not find any suitable donor. But, if you have the donor, you do not require to undergo a various number of dialysis. The kidney transplant process is feasible for all age groups if the body of the patient is fit for transplant. The surgeon carries out complete body analysis before initiating with the transplantation process. Those who suffer from severe illness, recent cancer treatment, chronic infection, high obesity and heart diseases are not fit for a Kidney transplant

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